1.95 EBay Auction watch (Update 3/04/2013)

Up on eBay at the moment are 2 x box OutRun games – OutRun 2 and OutRun 2 Coast 2 Coast both signed recently from Yu Suzuki’s trip to Monaco in France. He sure knows where to visit!

See below



Go get it!


Sonic AllStar Racing Transformed

Check out the pic below from the ‘Race of Ages’ level on Sonic All Star Racing Transformed…. Spot something in the back ground?

This is a great level for retro Sega fans that includes holograms of the Space Harrier, Afterburner & Outrun deluxe machines, Akira from Virtua Fighter, Sega megadrive, Master System, Gamegear consoles/handhelds polished off with Space Harrier Remix music in the background.

Sonic AllStar Racing Transformed

I’ve had a few hours now on Sonic all-stars racing transformed so far I’m loving all of the classics Sega Stuff.

Today I thought I would share a few pics of the intro to the Bonus OutRun Stage.(See Below)

The first sweeping bend


What a great view of the OutRun landscape

Flagman is there at the start line……spinning on his head!

Is that the Testarossa?? No it’s Sonic!!

OutRun bay….just like Coconut beach!

Tomorrow I will post some more OutRun stuff seen in Sonic All-Star Racing transformed.

OutRun to appear in Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed (Bonus Edition) [Update 11/9]

Sumo Digital, the guys behind SEGA’s more recent OutRun releases have a habit of dropping a bit of OutRun into most of their games.
Super Star Tennis had a OutRun beach court and OutRun flavored Achievements


[Above– Flagman making an appearance too]

The original All Stars Racing had OutRun named achievements too.

They have mentioned in interviews that they are big OutRun fans so it’s no surprise to me to find out that the Bonus Edition of Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed will have a OutRun bonus track.

No photos of the OutRun track have yet been released but it has to be Coconut Beach with all those palm trees and crashing waves of the sea.

Track pictures to follow!!

[Above- flyer for the new Sonic AllStar Racing Transformed Bonus edition including a image of the OutRun bay track]

SEGA OutRun Flag man has the moves like Jagger

Check out this compilation of Flag man dance moves….and all I thought he did was wave a flag.


Flag man animations are take from X Box OutRun 2 & X Box 360 OutRun Online Arcade. Video was edited using the iPhone4S.