Sonic AllStar Racing Transformed

Check out the pic below from the ‘Race of Ages’ level on Sonic All Star Racing Transformed…. Spot something in the back ground?

This is a great level for retro Sega fans that includes holograms of the Space Harrier, Afterburner & Outrun deluxe machines, Akira from Virtua Fighter, Sega megadrive, Master System, Gamegear consoles/handhelds polished off with Space Harrier Remix music in the background.


Sonic AllStar Racing Transformed

I’ve had a few hours now on Sonic all-stars racing transformed so far I’m loving all of the classics Sega Stuff.

Today I thought I would share a few pics of the intro to the Bonus OutRun Stage.(See Below)

The first sweeping bend


What a great view of the OutRun landscape

Flagman is there at the start line……spinning on his head!

Is that the Testarossa?? No it’s Sonic!!

OutRun bay….just like Coconut beach!

Tomorrow I will post some more OutRun stuff seen in Sonic All-Star Racing transformed.

OutRun Fans! – Please support my son’s Photo Competition

Hi friends and OutRun fans alike, please take a second to support my Son’s SEGA photo competition.

All I ask is for you to ‘LIKE’ his ‘Lets Go Jungle’ photo for a chance of him winning a Sonic 20th Anniversary Statue.

***Henry’s Photo***Entry

Thanks to everyone who supports him! fingers crossed x