Kavinsky Pixel .gif

Most of us will know the electro music artist Kavinsky is a big fan of OutRun the arcade game, after all he named his first music album OutRun and owns some pretty sweet signed merchandise by Yu Suzuki.

So from time to time fans will create OutRun inspired art. Check out this cool .gif animation below.


Kavinsky pixel .gif

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OutRun Testarossa Illustration Print by Dan Clarke (Available Now!)


This gallery contains 5 photos.

Check out this great OutRun inspired high quality print from Design Director Dan Clarke at arkotype. Dan is passionate about OutRun as it’s one of his favorite and first racing games he ever played. His focus for this OutRun print … Continue reading

New Arrival – 3DS Japanese SEGA 3D Classics Reprint Poster

I received a new poster today from Japan, the advertising poster for the forthcoming 3DS SEGA release of 3D Classics Collection.

I am a big fan of the art style of this poster including OutRun, Space Harrier, Bare Knuckle, Super Shinobi 2, Fantasy Zone and Ecco.

Although this retail ‘Reprint Collection’ which includes Space Harrier 3D and OutRun 3D as a bonus is currently only heading to Japan we have recently had the great news of the second wave of games coming to the West. Let’s also hope for this compilation to arrive with the stunning artwork by Ken Sugimori of Pokemon fame.

OutRun Digital Art by Andrew ‘Bones’ Jones

Last week I was lucky enough to get sent a great piece of original digital OutRun art painted by the very talented Andrew Jones. There’s some great detail and Outrun game references in this picture from the Coconut Beach sign, surfers, seagulls, palm trees and of course the Testarossa and blonde babe!
Check it out below
Andrew is a digital illustrator based in Manchester, U.K ( just up the road from where I was born)
Andrew was influenced by several 70’s, 80’s and 90’s artist including one of my favorites Bob Wakelin who did plenty of the covers for Ocean Software’s games.

You can check out or contact Andrew at his site Art By Bones
Thanks to Andrew for sharing this great OutRun art !

OutRun DLX Cabinet Art Project

Here’s a video of me creating an OutRun deluxe cabinet.
Starting from the sketch to colouring it in using an App called ProCreate on the iPad.
This was done by only using my finger as the art brush.
I’m hoping to get the final image on a 12″x12″ canvas print.


SEGA 80’s Arcade machine photography by Danny Passarella

Photographer Danny Passarella has mixed his love for 80’s arcade cabinets with his home town Whitley Bay and the results are awesome.

Check out these SEGA arcade machines photographed like you’ve never seen them before.





Early development drawing of SEGA’s OutRun arcade machine

I’ve recently been tinkering with drawing an Outrun Deluxe machine as part of an art project focusing on my younger years of enjoying the big arcade machines of the 80’s. (Below)


I’ve shared my work with Yosuke Okunari , producer at SEGA and project collaborator with M2 (The guys who have been delivering the 3DS 3D SEGA Classics ).
I’m not sure if Okunari-san thought it was a old OutRun SEGA drawing or if he just wanted to share a recent picture that was taken as part of an interview for the release of 3D OutRun.
He’s shared a very , very early OutRun development sketch of the OutRun cabinet. Check it it below!


This image above was drawn much earlier than the images seen in the Yu Suzuki GAMEWORKS book release during the Dreamcast era. (Seen below)


Hope you enjoyed seeing these early concept images of one of the best arcade cabinets ever released.