2.5 OutRun Cabinet Types🌴

Most OutRun sites will tell you there are 3 variations of the OutRun arcade machine, OutRun 86 Blog will show 6 quite different styles of machines, one exclusive to Japan and the other exclusive to Australia and don’t forget those Bootlegs that keep showing up.

This page show’s photos of the different styles of machine and their variations

OutRun Deluxe

The daddy of the OutRun machines, sit down hydraulic machine, the ultimate way to experience OutRun.



OutRun Standard type

Nice machine, not quite the deluxe though.



OutRun Stand Up type

Steering wheel has a shake motor when going off the road.

Great side art on this machine, route map is located on the screen bezel .

Note: This picture maybe a early promotional shot as it has a red foot base.
Some machines also have a stripe behind the OutRun logo and car sticker down the front of the machine.


OutRun Cockpit type (Japan Only)

Japanese Cockpit type machine, this is a different shape and had the route map on the screen bezel.
I have not found any promotional sales material or flyers on this machine so I believe it’s quite rare to find.


Stand up OutRun Arcade (Spanish)

Again, this machine is mainly white instead of the usual black.

Marquee has additional text of the distributor UNIDESA on the side art and marquee. This was also present on the Sitdown versions in some European


Stand up OutRun Mini Arcade

SEGA side art, no route map.

The smallest machine, lacks some of the nice side artwork and just has red SEGA logos, no route map (sometime present on top of the machine).


OutRun (Type name currently unknown) LAI (Leisure & Allied Industries)
Made by LAI for the Australian market under license from SEGA.


OutRun Bootleg

As well as the bootleg boards there are also some cabinets out there that aren’t official SEGA machines.

Here some pics below of non-official machines.

[Above- This stand up machine at a glance looks like a official machine, but closer inspection shows no SEGA logo on the side art. Lots of smaller differences in the monitor bezel ,control panel, wheel, and front panel. Source – OutRun Re-assembler


2 thoughts on “2.5 OutRun Cabinet Types🌴

  1. CIRSA-UNIDESA is a official license SEGA operator from Spain not from Italy.
    They made even the pcb´s, ROMS, cabinets and everything from scratch. Another operators like SONIC,TECFRI, has rights to do the same, so we have our part of history in arcades too. The pic you show on your page, is from Pocketlucho, he is restoring his Outrun and he painted it with other colors, original CIRSA-UNIDESA Outrun bezel is not grey. Check out this website and you can see all the spanish types of coinops original, with license, generic, we have a lot : http://www.recreativas.org

    • Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure if you noticed but I did mention that Pocketlucho had painted his bezel grey. On my “About Me page you can see me in Spain playing on the site down version by Circa-unidesa. Great Spanish site 🙂

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