What dreams are made of….

Check out this awesome Ferrari 355 below ….
Did you spot the number plate?

Yes, this lucky guy not only owns a 355 but an OutRun number plate.
The F355 is up there in my books with the Testarossa for it’s looks, that beautiful sloping hood and pop up lights.
Even the mighty Yu Suzuki loves it and created a dedicated 3 screen arcade to it called F355 Challenge.

What’s your Favourite car ? Is it a Ferrari?

OutRun used in General Motors Drink Driving awareness video (Circa 1988)

During the start up of this blog I had heard about GM making a Drink Driving video that featured OutRun. I had never seen it or been able to locate it online.
Today I managed to find it and watch it so I will post some screen grabs and a link to the video for you all to see.

The video oozes the 1980’s and that OutRun cab looks soooo shiny and new.


Nice side art!



Above – this is what driving OutRun looks like when your drunk

It will look similar to wearing the wrong prescription glasses!!


Here’s the link below. You will need to start the video at 8 minutes in.

General Motors Drink Driving Video

7. ๐Ÿš—The Real Shenmue Arcades – OzSteves Collection

OzSteve’s Home Arcade
OzSteve is living the dream with his home arcade garage conversion. It make the You Arcade look poor in comparison!
With machines including OutRun Deluxe, Space Harrier Deluxe, G-Loc and classic like Gaunlet who wouldn’t love to pop in and have a lads night on the beers and machines.
OzSteve is working towards housing 30 arcade machines and 10 Pinball machines plus all if his retro consoles in the not to distant future…dreams do come true.
See below for some of his machines and setup’s. Some of his stuff in in storage while he gets his arcade in order so hopefully we will get more photos in the future.
Thank OzSteve for sharing!







OutRun to appear in Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed (Bonus Edition) [Update 11/9]

Sumo Digital, the guys behind SEGA’s more recent OutRun releases have a habit of dropping a bit of OutRun into most of their games.
Super Star Tennis had a OutRun beach court and OutRun flavored Achievements


[Above– Flagman making an appearance too]

The original All Stars Racing had OutRun named achievements too.

They have mentioned in interviews that they are big OutRun fans so it’s no surprise to me to find out that the Bonus Edition of Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed will have a OutRun bonus track.

No photos of the OutRun track have yet been released but it has to be Coconut Beach with all those palm trees and crashing waves of the sea.

Track pictures to follow!!

[Above- flyer for the new Sonic AllStar Racing Transformed Bonus edition including a image of the OutRun bay track]

OutRun Holy Grail ?

Check out this gold plated SEGA Outrun Testarossa.
It has Outrun embossed in the back and SEGA on the rear number plate.


Very little is known of this artifact, but rumor has it that it was the going to be the top of a trophy to be issued to the best distributers of the 80’s OutRun arcade machine.


I have heard that there may be up to 100 of these made back in the day, but they are pretty rare nowadays and hard to get hold of.

I recently spoke to SEGA amusements about the gold Testarossa and they have not been able to add any new info on it.

Enjoy the photos!