OutRun features in 3D Thunderblade end credits

Thunderblade is probably one of the lesser loved games during the SEGA Super Scaler era but M2 have done a great job of the game and during the end credits there are many homages to classic SEGA games and characters.

OutRun is featured several times and below are a few fun OutRun clips to share.

Domestic….. She’s high maintenance 

OutRun Vs Alex Kidd


What dreams are made of….

Check out this awesome Ferrari 355 below ….
Did you spot the number plate?

Yes, this lucky guy not only owns a 355 but an OutRun number plate.
The F355 is up there in my books with the Testarossa for it’s looks, that beautiful sloping hood and pop up lights.
Even the mighty Yu Suzuki loves it and created a dedicated 3 screen arcade to it called F355 Challenge.

What’s your Favourite car ? Is it a Ferrari?

OutRun photo round up

Below is a round up of some photos I’ve discovered online that I thought was worth sharing with OutRun fans!
Some of these I found a while back and I am not sure of where I found them.

[Below – would you go to work on a bike or an OutRun machine!]


[Below – A great example of a rare Japanese ‘Cockpit’ style OutRun machine]


[Below – I recall these 2 photos were from the Japanese Arcade Museum]


[Above – A power ranger overlooking that OutRun machine in the background!]

Build process for a LEGO OutRun Deluxe Arcade Machine

Some of you guys have asked for a “How to Build” or “Instruction” for the LEGO OutRun project.

I’ve put together a video on YouTube showing the journey of how it all came together.

Check it out below

If you are creative join me and also submit an entry for SEGABITS Summer of SEGA Competition.


SEGABITS Competition Rules

OutRun Tattoo [Added to the OutRun Art Page 29/04/2013]

I came across a guy on Tumblr this week who has an impressive Tattoo collection on his arm.
This is the first time I’ve seen anyone with an OutRun tattoo…KERMIT1986 you are a legend!

[Above – the OutRun Ferrari Testarossa Spyder]

Also worth a mention are his Galaga and Donkey Kong tats too!

Source : KERMIT1986 on Tumblr