Ever SEGA fans dream home!

Joel the owner of Last Gamer video log on YouTube has shared an update on his recently expanded 2nd story home arcade, if in Heaven there’s a SEGA arcade, I’m sure it’s like this place.

Look out for OutRun DLX, Afterburner DLX, Enduro Racer, Super Monaco GP (not sure how he pronounces it!) Virtua Racing and Turbo OutRun. Joel also has a Space Harrier DLX and Hang On somewhere in the garage!
Personally though until he gets rid of that Jar Jar Binks full size statue I won’t be visiting.
Just kidding, what an awesome set up!

1.95 EBay Auction watch (Update 3/04/2013)

Up on eBay at the moment are 2 x box OutRun games – OutRun 2 and OutRun 2 Coast 2 Coast both signed recently from Yu Suzuki’s trip to Monaco in France. He sure knows where to visit!

See below



Go get it!