Sonic AllStar Racing Transformed

I’ve had a few hours now on Sonic all-stars racing transformed so far I’m loving all of the classics Sega Stuff.

Today I thought I would share a few pics of the intro to the Bonus OutRun Stage.(See Below)

The first sweeping bend


What a great view of the OutRun landscape

Flagman is there at the start line……spinning on his head!

Is that the Testarossa?? No it’s Sonic!!

OutRun bay….just like Coconut beach!

Tomorrow I will post some more OutRun stuff seen in Sonic All-Star Racing transformed.


3 thoughts on “Sonic AllStar Racing Transformed

  1. Where is that bonus stage actually, got the game last week and unfort do not have a lot of time to play it, would be useful for me to know what I have to do to unlock this bonus stage. Thanks! All best in 2013 onwards!

      • Thank you! Yes I do have the limited edition one, need to check in the box how to get Outrun bay! Thanks again!

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