LAI SEGA OutRun Restoration Update 5

3 months have gone by since my last restoration update when I had the side art printed but there’s been plenty going on in the background so here goes….

More work and time has been put into repairing the cabinet, I’m finally happy with it and it’s painted ready for the side art. This is planned to be applied in the next few weeks.

3 locks have been fitted and all doors are repaired. Foot plates have been polished up too. 

The steering mech has had further assembly and this has now been fitted to the freshly painted wooden control panel.

More updates soon …


5 thoughts on “LAI SEGA OutRun Restoration Update 5

  1. Looks awesome. Wanted to share some “Out Run news” for your blog. Last week the following was listed as iTunes Hot Track on the iTunes main page : album by Skizz called Cruise Control. Please check out the cover art of the album on iTunes (I have the US version). Just shows Out Run is still “current” and there are lots of fans out there.

      • Actually it is cool music, kinda of like rap music but with a new fresh vibe. Also quite a few songs are very popular on iTunes. Have no clue how to send you the cover album, have you seen it?

  2. Hi, have you seen NEWS about Turbo Out Run coming to SEGA classics… Japan Dec 2016 release date……/sega-3d-fukkoku-archives-3-final-stage-adds-turbo-outrun-three CANNOT copy whole link from work (I know stupid). Anyways, check it out, I’m hyped!

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