OutRun Marquee Signed by Yu Suzuki

80’s electro music maker Kavinski ( the guy behind the music album OutRun) is a French celebrity who’s a big SEGA OutRun fan.
He’s already got a copy of Yu Suzuki Game Works personally signed by Yu and now he’s got an OutRun marquee signed.

Do you have anything signed by Yu Suzuki or have you ever met the legend behind OutRun?


1.95 EBay Auction watch (Update 3/04/2013)

Up on eBay at the moment are 2 x box OutRun games – OutRun 2 and OutRun 2 Coast 2 Coast both signed recently from Yu Suzuki’s trip to Monaco in France. He sure knows where to visit!

See below



Go get it!

Yu Suzuki signed merchandise

Below are a few items ive found signed by the legendary Yu Suzuki

[Above– A print of OutRunCoast to Coast‘ this was part of a charity auction on eBay by SEGA, I believe the winner actually let SEGA keep it to get more money for the charity]

[Above– One lucky Japanese fan had this signed by Yu Suzuki and the words ‘OutRun‘ written on it. He also has Yuji Naka and many other gaming gods signatures]

Follow the link below at OutRun.org to see other related signed merchandise.