Game Freak SEGA 1986 AM 24 show feature

Here’s a cool double page spread from a 1986 Japanese games magazine called Game Freak.
It features coverage from the 1986 Japan Amusement Expo where OutRun was unveiled to the industry and public.

There’s a few photos of people trying out OutRun for the first time and you will see a photo of the OutRun game card and dispenser that I posted about last year.
If you missed it here’s a picture below

It’s a pretty cool card, this version was only available at the show.

Would you of loved to go to this show? Or was you lucky enough to attend back in 1986?


Cinema Paradiso,Grand Palais, Paris, France (10/06 – 21/06/2013)


Cinema Paradiso was held in a 1000m2 area covering various forms of entertainment including a mock up Drive-in Cinema sponsored by Fiat that played classic movies each night.


A Roller skate American Diner and a vintage arcade with approximately 100 classic arcade machines and games consoles.
Check out the teaser trailer below

The classic arcade machines included Pong, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Frogger, After Burner and OutRun to name a few.

Below – Some pics found on Instagram




Some other classics


Let hope that this idea comes takes off and comes to other countries.

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Visitors please support the guys over at RADIOSEGA to reach and exceed there charity event target today that they are doing on behalf of CANCER RESEARCH UK.
I have a personal reason for supporting as my Dad died of Cancer. It’s a great cause guys, every little helps!

Follow the link to be a part of this great SEGA community event, it will only take a minute to pledge.


SEGA OutRun 3,700 mยฒ light display [Added to OutRun Events Page 25/04/2013]


PLAY! took place from March 25 to April 7, at the Art Gallery Digital SESI-SP, on Paulista Avenue,Sao Paulo, Brazil

Below is some information on the event that I translated.

The cultural space consists of 26,241,000 light clusters installed in 3,700 mยฒ of metal frame that surrounds the building Fiesp. Six gaming based works of art were transmitted by contemporary artists, three of them interactive….including SEGA’s OutRun.

The exhibition PLAY! Inspired in the world of video games was curated by Marilia Pasculli and Danish Tanya Toft, who specializes in new media and digital art. According to Marilia, Game Art is considered one of the most interesting artistic events emerging today, not only by dissolving the boundaries between different art forms, but also to get an interactive potential.
“The way uncultured entertainment of videogames has achieved an important position in the intellectual aesthetic in the art world,” says the Brazilian.

A cultural value that goes beyond the screen

The work consists of video sequences of the game “OutRun”, 1986, released by SEGA and designed by Yu Suzuk. In the original game, the player controls a red Ferrari, with third-person perspective. The car already has a girl in the passenger seat. They pass by the road in a nice landscape. The game “OutRun” was one of the first driving simulators that gave the player the option to choose routes, which may have inspired the artists to make this game to be modified – and even instill some hope in the human being so that it retrieves the control of cultural development.

Imagine walking through the city and seeing this….awesome!

Source: Factoide

Seasons Greetings!

Merry Christmas Sega OutRun fans!

Hope you have enjoyed my OutRun 86 Blog over 2012, it has been fun to put together and we’ve uncovered some interesting OutRun related items since starting back in May.

Thanks to everyone who has supported by either visiting, commenting or supplying information or photos during 2012, you have helped to keep OutRun 86 fresh.

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2012 will be a difficult year to beat as finding new OutRun related stuff gets harder to find. I would love to keep the updates coming so if you have anything to share I will always be grateful to add the content if it’s relevant and has some personal interest.

For 2013 I may look to expand further into Turbo OutRun, OutRunners & OutRun 2 arcade variations.

Let me know your thoughts.

Have a Great Christmas and New Year!

See you all in 2013!

Top Outrunners

I’ve been running this OutRun Blog now for around five months, with my main goal to create a place that OutRun fans can come to that will have everything old, everything new and maybe something that you just didn’t know was out there.
I’ve been really surprised by the number of people that have came across the site either through their interest in OutRun or by pure luck.
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SEGA’s largest arcade machine?? [Updated]


You’ve taken a ticket, now come for a ride!

In 1989 at Yokohama, Toyko Roof complex, SEGA had something very special called “SEGA Super Circuit

Super Circuit was a huge…..and I mean HUGE amusement racetrack.


The track allowed drivers to compete and race radio controlled cars with a front mounted camera on.

Why the camera?

Why am I covering this on a OutRun blog??

Well the drivers couldn’t see the cars, all they could see was the output video from the car camera. All this was done whilst seated in the cockpit of a modified Deluxe OutRun cabinet.

5 cabinets side by side

Check out the video below of SEGA Super Circuit in action.

Is this the largest SEGA attraction??

Does anyone have any further information on this great arcade amusement?

Update below from a huge SEGA fan
[Below– A big thanks to Twitter friend SEGAotaku who has taken the time to kindly dig out and shared his SEGA Super Circuit flyer which is a pretty damn cool SEGA collectable]

[Above– Flyer Inner]

[Above– Front cover]

SEGA OutRun 1986 Game Card [Update 25/7]

SEGA AM 24th Show Game Card

Below is a picture of a SEGA OutRun game card. Looks like it may of been given out at the show in 1986.
Not sure if it’s a phone card or a entry card but I doubt it was used as a game credit swipe card that modern arcades use these days.
I have a similar Sonic one from London’s Trocadero Arcade back in the early 90’s.
Looks nice though with the OutRun graphic being the same as the one that can be seen on the front of some stand up machines.


Does anyone know more about the card or AM Show??

Thanks to the guys at SEGA AMUSEMENTS on Twitter for giving a update and translation of the card.
See below for the English translation