OutRun DLX Cabinet Art Project

Here’s a video of me creating an OutRun deluxe cabinet.
Starting from the sketch to colouring it in using an App called ProCreate on the iPad.
This was done by only using my finger as the art brush.
I’m hoping to get the final image on a 12″x12″ canvas print.


OutRun Arcade Machine Cabinet Art

I have manage to get hold of OutRun Upright Artwork for restoring machines.

Below are low res examples of what are available.

Side art.


Marquee / Header


Course Map


Steering Wheel Emblem


Actual file sizes are excellent for printing 1:1 Scale.

If anyone has an interest, drop me an email at Taggsta@gmail.com

OutRun Tattoo [Added to the OutRun Art Page 29/04/2013]

I came across a guy on Tumblr this week who has an impressive Tattoo collection on his arm.
This is the first time I’ve seen anyone with an OutRun tattoo…KERMIT1986 you are a legend!

[Above – the OutRun Ferrari Testarossa Spyder]

Also worth a mention are his Galaga and Donkey Kong tats too!

Source : KERMIT1986 on Tumblr

SEGA OutRun 3,700 m² light display [Added to OutRun Events Page 25/04/2013]


PLAY! took place from March 25 to April 7, at the Art Gallery Digital SESI-SP, on Paulista Avenue,Sao Paulo, Brazil

Below is some information on the event that I translated.

The cultural space consists of 26,241,000 light clusters installed in 3,700 m² of metal frame that surrounds the building Fiesp. Six gaming based works of art were transmitted by contemporary artists, three of them interactive….including SEGA’s OutRun.

The exhibition PLAY! Inspired in the world of video games was curated by Marilia Pasculli and Danish Tanya Toft, who specializes in new media and digital art. According to Marilia, Game Art is considered one of the most interesting artistic events emerging today, not only by dissolving the boundaries between different art forms, but also to get an interactive potential.
“The way uncultured entertainment of videogames has achieved an important position in the intellectual aesthetic in the art world,” says the Brazilian.

A cultural value that goes beyond the screen

The work consists of video sequences of the game “OutRun”, 1986, released by SEGA and designed by Yu Suzuk. In the original game, the player controls a red Ferrari, with third-person perspective. The car already has a girl in the passenger seat. They pass by the road in a nice landscape. The game “OutRun” was one of the first driving simulators that gave the player the option to choose routes, which may have inspired the artists to make this game to be modified – and even instill some hope in the human being so that it retrieves the control of cultural development.

Imagine walking through the city and seeing this….awesome!

Source: Factoide

1.9 🚗 OutRun Fan Art (Update 05/04/2013)

This week I came across some pretty amazing OutRun street art that was posted on Flickr around two years back.

It’s based on the SEGA Master System version of OutRun.

I believe the art was located in the U.K somewhere in Kent.

The only graffiti experience I have is playing SEGA’s Jet Set Radio, so I’m not sure what the hell it says but the artwork is sweet!



The artwork mentions a few names who may of been involved in creating the art -: Ante_up, Shine & Quest.