SEGA OutRun 1986 Game Card [Update 25/7]

SEGA AM 24th Show Game Card

Below is a picture of a SEGA OutRun game card. Looks like it may of been given out at the show in 1986.
Not sure if it’s a phone card or a entry card but I doubt it was used as a game credit swipe card that modern arcades use these days.
I have a similar Sonic one from London’s Trocadero Arcade back in the early 90’s.
Looks nice though with the OutRun graphic being the same as the one that can be seen on the front of some stand up machines.


Does anyone know more about the card or AM Show??

Thanks to the guys at SEGA AMUSEMENTS on Twitter for giving a update and translation of the card.
See below for the English translation


3 thoughts on “SEGA OutRun 1986 Game Card [Update 25/7]

  1. Just dug out my one of these – it’s actually a bit different and reads “SEGA GAME CARD 1000” and omits the AM show details. So there seem to be a few variants out there. The picture and general appearance is the same though.

    • That’s cool Chris, I had not come across the variation. I imagine your card was from a Sega Arcade.
      It looks in very nice condition.
      Did you get it in a Auction Site?
      I would love to see a photo of all of your OutRun stuff together…thanks for the info again. I will post it as a comparison soon.

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