SEGA’s largest arcade machine?? [Updated]


You’ve taken a ticket, now come for a ride!

In 1989 at Yokohama, Toyko Roof complex, SEGA had something very special called “SEGA Super Circuit

Super Circuit was a huge…..and I mean HUGE amusement racetrack.


The track allowed drivers to compete and race radio controlled cars with a front mounted camera on.

Why the camera?

Why am I covering this on a OutRun blog??

Well the drivers couldn’t see the cars, all they could see was the output video from the car camera. All this was done whilst seated in the cockpit of a modified Deluxe OutRun cabinet.

5 cabinets side by side

Check out the video below of SEGA Super Circuit in action.

Is this the largest SEGA attraction??

Does anyone have any further information on this great arcade amusement?

Update below from a huge SEGA fan
[Below– A big thanks to Twitter friend SEGAotaku who has taken the time to kindly dig out and shared his SEGA Super Circuit flyer which is a pretty damn cool SEGA collectable]

[Above– Flyer Inner]

[Above– Front cover]


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