Force Dynamics 401CR + Cannonball

Chris White (Reassembler Blog / Cannonball creator) recently shared this great video below of his Cannonball OutRun engine being used in conjunction with a Force Dynamics Simulator.

You can watch the results below…my jaw just dropped !

You can check out Force Dynamics site here and thanks to Chris at Reassembler Blog


Installing Cannonball The OutRun Enhanced Engine to the JXD GAMEPAD

Cannonball is a re programmed and enhanced version of SEGA’s OutRun by Chris White

Ported to Android (WIP) by Tim Leader
You can download the Android port at the link below

Below is the additional 15 stage continuous mode rolling through intro mode including in car view. I’ve shortened each stage to make it a 3 minute video. On 15 Stage continuous mode there is no fork in the road, the stages blend together and the music tracks play back to back.

Here’s how to install Cannonball to your JXD GAMEPAD

1. Download the .APK file to your JXD / ANDROID device from the link above.

2. Find the Cannonball.apk file on your JXD using the APKinstaller app that came with the JXD.

3.Select Install using the APKinstaller app.

4.install the file to your device.

5.Open the APKinstaller again and select ‘Manage’

6.Select the Cannonball file and select Export to create a Cannonball app Icon on your home screen.

OutRun Track Editor ‘Layout’ Video

Check out below the latest video of Chris Whites superb OutRun track editor called ‘LayOut
The video shows a new track that’s been created and then it’s tested by running Cannonball The re-engineered and improved OutRun also by Chris.

I really hope that Yu Suzuki gets to see this impressive expansion to his game.

Check out the full feature here >>>Reassembler Blog

New Sprites found in OutRun code

Chris over at Reassembler Blog last week unearthed some new OutRun findings that haven’t seen the light of day since the game was being made back in 1985/86.
It looked like at some point the OutRun team were planning on having motorbikes also as traffic as Chris has found sets of sprites as seen below


More hidden sprites were also found for ending sequences that didn’t make the finish line.

Check out Chris’s blog for more info and photos

Link to Reassembler Blog

Cannonball by Chris White

27 years ago AM2 released OutRun to the arcades.A game designed by the now legendary Yu Suzuki.

That made me 12 years old when OutRun hit our Arcades, it was the center piece attraction at every main arcade in the U.K.

Its now 2013 , I thought that in 27 years I had seen everything the original OutRun had to offer.


for the last three and a half years Chris White the owner of Reassembler has been decoding and uncovering amazing unknown things about the game and it’s programming secrets.
Through Chris’s long term commitment and passion for OutRun he has uncovered things that may never of been known about the game, things that have been hidden for 27 years which is astounding.

Not only has Chris decoded the OutRun program and understood everything there is to know within the code he’s taken it to the next level and spent several years re-writing programming mistakes and inconsistencies made by the original OutRun team.

Beyond smoothing out original issues
( things that may only be recognized by true OutRun fans) Chris has created his own additional optional extras like Time Trial, WideScreen and 60 fps mode.
This has all been neatly put together as an easy to use and navigate front end.

You thought the Japanese Saturn version of OutRun including ‘Arrange mode’ music tracks and ‘Smooth mode’ at 60Hz was the best version?

Think again..

This is truly the best OutRun experience you can have.

Check out the details below

Once loading up ‘Cannonball‘ you will be greeted with the main options

Play Game, Time Trial, Settings, About and Exit.
[Above – Available ‘Settings’ ]
[Above- Video settings]

[Above – Sound settings]

[Above – Control Options]

[Above – Settings for track type, smoothing and alternate stage 1that was recently uncovered by Chris]

[Above – Settings for the new OutRun Time Trial mode]

Time trial is a great new feature that adds a new look and challenge to the original OutRun.

Who would of ever thought that Coconut Beach would not be your starting stage. It’s great to see the start of OutRun look so different.
Check out the images of what OutRun looks like starting at stages 2 – 15.

[Above – Steer left and right on the Map screen to move the Testarossa to the desired Time Trial stage]













OutRun has been given a new lease of life and I don’t think this is the end of the project. Fan’s and contributors to Chris White ‘Reassembler’ site are still giving support, suggestions and coding for Cannonball to run on other operating systems.

I would love to hear what Yu Suzuki would make of Cannonball. I think he would be very impressed.