SEGA Papercraft Arcade Machines

Here’s a really awesome Papercraft OutRun model from a Japanese SEGA fan. Originally posted by クルチャ.

…there’s also Space Harrier, don’t they look great together.


The first time I saw these I thought that they were immaculate original arcade machines and not paper models!

They look excellent with the female figurines housed in the cabinets.

The model creator has been selling these amazing pieces for ¥1000 ($10AU)


You can find the original article covered here > Papercraft Sega Arcade Models

Early development drawing of SEGA’s OutRun arcade machine

I’ve recently been tinkering with drawing an Outrun Deluxe machine as part of an art project focusing on my younger years of enjoying the big arcade machines of the 80’s. (Below)


I’ve shared my work with Yosuke Okunari , producer at SEGA and project collaborator with M2 (The guys who have been delivering the 3DS 3D SEGA Classics ).
I’m not sure if Okunari-san thought it was a old OutRun SEGA drawing or if he just wanted to share a recent picture that was taken as part of an interview for the release of 3D OutRun.
He’s shared a very , very early OutRun development sketch of the OutRun cabinet. Check it it below!


This image above was drawn much earlier than the images seen in the Yu Suzuki GAMEWORKS book release during the Dreamcast era. (Seen below)


Hope you enjoyed seeing these early concept images of one of the best arcade cabinets ever released.

3D OutRun -A Look at the MiiVerse Community

If your looking forward to OutRun appearing in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS and you live outside of Japan right now it’s a bit of a bummer.
To get your OutRun fix head over to Nintendo’s Miiverse and you can see some cool OutRun fan art and read the comments of those lucky Japanese gamers who have already downloaded the game.
Here’s a few pics from some of the lucky Outrun owners below.

[OutRun romance]

[Crash Out]

[Credit Roll – Are the OutRun couple going separate ways?]

[Some of the OutRun cars look different with the optional extras like this Green car]

[My effort of a Stylus attempt at Yu Suzuki]

3D OutRun Tune Up Mode & More

More details are being released on additional modes from completing each Goal.


Car enhanced handling. It is possible to drive without slipping on a sharp curve.

Car with enhanced bumper. It is possible to not crash with contact to traffic.

Car top speed is up. It is possible to run at 350 kilometers per hour or more.

Car with a special tires. Car will still run at speed even if going of the track. This is like using the Gear Gacha cheat, a technique that was used in the 80’s to get quicker times going off road without loosing speed.

If you complete all Goal’s A – E an Arcade mode will appear.
This is meant to replicate the Arcade version…does this mean the Testarossa is a hidden feature… I don’t think so. I believe it’s a 30fps mode as the game runs at 60fps on the 3DS.

Selecting a certain option brings up this ……..


A smoking engine! But what does this mean?

OutRun used in General Motors Drink Driving awareness video (Circa 1988)

During the start up of this blog I had heard about GM making a Drink Driving video that featured OutRun. I had never seen it or been able to locate it online.
Today I managed to find it and watch it so I will post some screen grabs and a link to the video for you all to see.

The video oozes the 1980’s and that OutRun cab looks soooo shiny and new.


Nice side art!



Above – this is what driving OutRun looks like when your drunk

It will look similar to wearing the wrong prescription glasses!!


Here’s the link below. You will need to start the video at 8 minutes in.

General Motors Drink Driving Video

OutRun Restoration Project by Ray Barley (Aus)

Ray picked up an Australian LAI OutRun cabinet this year when he saw it on Gumtree going cheap. Here’s some pictures of the condition when he picked it up.




As you can see the whole machine needed a good clean, the side art was shot and some of the features like the screen bezel and steering wheel emblem need work.

Several months later Ray sent me these photo and I was amazed at the transformation.



It’s great to see a good clean upright LAI with the red side panels , front coin and pedal surround variation, there’s definitely not many left around.

SEGAbits Season of Colors Art Contest

Long time followers of OutRun 86 Blog may remember the playable LEGO OutRun Deluxe Cabinet I made using LEGO, iPhone 4S and a Blutooth Controller.

I fair while back I entered it into an art Competition run by SEGAbits one of the best SEGA fan websites out there.


I was please to find out on Sunday that I won the competition with my LEGO SEGA creation.

Check out the link below to find out more about the competition>>>

SEGAbits Winner feature

The build video and LEGO OutRun box can now be found in the side bar of this Blog

OutRun Track Editor ‘Layout’ Video

Check out below the latest video of Chris Whites superb OutRun track editor called ‘LayOut
The video shows a new track that’s been created and then it’s tested by running Cannonball The re-engineered and improved OutRun also by Chris.

I really hope that Yu Suzuki gets to see this impressive expansion to his game.

Check out the full feature here >>>Reassembler Blog