Happy New Year OutRun Fans

Hope everyone enjoyed 2014 and bought the new year in with style.

2015 will be a great year for OutRun fans with the release of 3D OutRun on the NINTENDO 3DS. This title is planned as a eShop download for the Western market in early 2015 and I’m looking forward to the release date being announced. We may even be lucky enough to get a retail compilation like Japan if your a fan of a physical game.

Thanks to everyone who visit OutRun86 Blog last year and I hope you found some interesting posts.

I have a few cool things to share soon including a Papercraft OutRun Sitdown cabinet that I am close to completing. When this is done I will make it available for everyone to download for a small site donation.

A big thank you to Dan at Arkotype for sending me a limited edition OutRun Testarossa print. I believe these are now sold out and I will bring everyone a review of this later in the month. It does look awesome!

Also a big thank you to Carson at NoodleShirt for sending me an OutRun t-shirt based on the icon cover art of 80s OutRun computer box art.
You can still get this t-shirt by clicking on the side bar link. An excellent t-shirt with a great quality print.

Well that’s all for now, if your still on holiday enjoy the rest of your time off and play some OutRun!!

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