OutRun features in 3D Thunderblade end credits

Thunderblade is probably one of the lesser loved games during the SEGA Super Scaler era but M2 have done a great job of the game and during the end credits there are many homages to classic SEGA games and characters.

OutRun is featured several times and below are a few fun OutRun clips to share.

Domestic….. She’s high maintenance 

OutRun Vs Alex Kidd

WAVE 2 3D SEGA GAMES rated by The Australian Classification Board


Great news for Aussie OutRun fans, The Australian Classification Board have now rated the remaining 3D SEGA games by M2 including OutRun, Thunderblade and Fantazy Zone 1 & 2.

At this stage there is no release date but it’s a step closer in the process for these games getting an Australian release. As soon as a release date is available I will let everyone know.

Original article  Nintendolife