SEGA Papercraft Arcade Machines

Here’s a really awesome Papercraft OutRun model from a Japanese SEGA fan. Originally posted by ใ‚ฏใƒซใƒใƒฃ.

…there’s also Space Harrier, don’t they look great together.


The first time I saw these I thought that they were immaculate original arcade machines and not paper models!

They look excellent with the female figurines housed in the cabinets.

The model creator has been selling these amazing pieces for ยฅ1000 ($10AU)


You can find the original article covered here > Papercraft Sega Arcade Models


OutRun & Space Harrier 3D models by Sumo Digital

Back in November last year I blogged about a level in Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed where there were holograms of classic SEGA arcade machines like OutRun , Space Harrier and Hang-On.
[Below- the pic showing Sonic driving towards the OutRun Deluxe Arcade]

So why have I bought this up again?
Well …Steve Hird from Sumo Digital has shared his original 3D models that he created before turning them into holograms. check them out below.



SEGA Game Cards Auction

Last year I came across an OutRun Arcade Game Card exclusively released for the 24th Amusement Show in Japan back in the 80’s.
SEGA also released a variation of the card to hold arcade credits in Japanese arcades.
SEGA released variations of these cards for other popular arcade titles too.


Someone recently put up for auction a collection of rare cards, the OutRun and Super Hang-on set were pretty special as they were still sealed in the box and unused.


So did I win this set….no ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

How much did they go for you ask?

A cool $250 ! I think I will just have to
look at the photo for a
Little bit longer.

U.S SEGA Ages Advert [1.4 ๐Ÿš— OutRun Flyers,Mags & Promo Items]

SEGA Ages U.S Magazine Advertisement
The U.S and European release of Yu Suzuki’s classic 3 games came bundled on one disc and missed out on a few extras when compared to the Japanese individual releases of the SEGA Ages range.
Japan also had releases of Power Drift and Galaxy Force II.


OutRun and Space Harrier Arcade Replica’s

My good friend Neil Doherty from my old town in the U.K has just put the final touches to his replica stand up OutRun machine.
A couple of years in the making (on and off) and no detail has been left out.
The cabinet woodwork was built from scratch and several original arcade parts were used to complete this machine.
Running using a P.C, Hyperspin frontend and modified Logitech controls this machine is a one of a kind tribute to the real thing. Neil should know… He’s owned the Deluxe sit down once.
Watch the journey of OutRun coming to life below

And…below the completed machine being play tested by Neil.

Check out Neil’s Facebook page ‘OutRun and Space Harrier Arcade Replicas’ by clicking on his link on this site. You will also see Neil’s current projects of building a Replica Space Harrier and Star Wars Atari arcade.

OutRun & Space Harrier custom replica’s


Check out my friend Neil Doherty’s web page below to see how it’s possible to create your own SEGA classic arcade machines like OutRun and Space Harrier.
Nothing stops Neil from achieving his goals, his planning, art and wood work skills are awesome.
Check out a few photos of his projects below and use the link to go to his page.
Please also give him a ‘LIKE’ if you enjoyed his page!
OutRun and Space Harrier Replicas Web page

[Above– OutRun progress from scratch to fully functional.]

[Above– recreating the artwork for Neil’s current project Space Harrier]