Home brew Spectrum OutRun

We all know that back in the 8-bit era if you bought OutRun for the Spectrum, C-64 or Amstrad you were probably disappointed when you got home and loaded the tape up.
I remember getting the double cassette version on the Christmas it was released for the C-64. It came with 2 cassettes, one for the game and one that had audio tracks of the original arcade music which took away some of the pain of the less than great game conversion.
Well it looks like someone out there who loved OutRun and loved their Spectrum decided that the Spectrum version could be better………..

Above – The original Speccy version

and the home brew version…………..

Title screen


Music Select


Skidding into the start position


Flag man ready for action!


Let’s go for a drive…with a Red Testarossa finally on the Spectrum!


I actually liked the original Spectrum version. The outline of the sprites and detail were pretty close to the arcade compared to the Amstrad and C-64, this version looses the detail but improves on colour.

Which version do you prefer OutRun fans?