Sonic All Star Racing released on iOS (Updated 19/01/14)

Today Sonic AllStar Racing Transformed has been released on the App Store including Ryo and his drivable OutRun cabinet.
I’ve picked the game up on the the iPhone 5s to give it a try. Below are some pics of the vehicle from different angles.

To unlock Ryo and the OutRun car you need to complete a full string of weekly challenges….so hopefully if I chip away at it this week I should be able to unlock the OutRun car and do a further update.

Above – the weekly challenge screen.

UPDATE – 6 days to go and hopefully we can unlock this cool Character and Drivable OutRun Cabinet!!


Finally unlocked the final Challenge


Here some nice screen grabs before the race kicks off




Over the next week I should get the chance to play the game with these classic SEGA arcade cabinets as my racer with Ryo as the character.
I’ll hopefully have more photos soon ๐Ÿ‘

Sonic Allstar Racing Transformed New Pictures

Here’s some awesome new shots of Ryo from Shenmue riding, driving and piloting modified classic Deluxe SEGA arcade machines.
I’m still waiting on Sumo digital to let us know if it’s a PC or Console DLC. As soon as I know I’ll give an update.


Build process for a LEGO OutRun Deluxe Arcade Machine

Some of you guys have asked for a “How to Build” or “Instruction” for the LEGO OutRun project.

I’ve put together a video on YouTube showing the journey of how it all came together.

Check it out below

If you are creative join me and also submit an entry for SEGABITS Summer of SEGA Competition.


SEGABITS Competition Rules

1.45 ๐Ÿš—The Real Shenmue Arcades [ Update 20/04/2013]

Not to sure on the details of this event, it may be a Replay Expo where members from the Jamma Plus forums bought along their arcade treasures.

These pics deserve a place in the ‘Real Shenmue You Arcade’ and would make any Yu Suzuki fan want to take a visit.
What a great image of the cream of the crop 80’s SEGA Arcade machines!

Above – Space Harrier, OutRun, Afterburner and Super Hang on!