OutRun feature in Haynes Driving Manual

Thanks to Outrun fan Andrew Marsh for sharing information and photos of this great Driving game book.

Inside you’ll find an 80’s section including games like Super Sprint, Buggy Boy, Chase H.Q and my favorite pages dedicated to the original OutRun as seen below.





Here’s a description of the book from Amazon

The first definitive guide to driving games, outlining the history of the driving video game, covering all platforms past and present — Arcade, Home Computer (PC, Sinclair Commodore, etc), and Console (Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, X-Box & Sega ). Starting from 1974 with the first arcade driving game ‘Game Trak 10’ to the present day. The book provides and overview of the genre, an illustrated summary of driving games. For those games that are not featured, there will be a list, broken down by format summarizing game title, developer and publisher, and profiles of creators of the key games of the era.

Here’s a link if you fancy picking one up.
Haynes Driving Games Manual Link ($30)

SEGA 80’s Arcade machine photography by Danny Passarella

Photographer Danny Passarella has mixed his love for 80’s arcade cabinets with his home town Whitley Bay and the results are awesome.

Check out these SEGA arcade machines photographed like you’ve never seen them before.





3D OutRun Picture and Video Round Up

Here’s a cool Video of the Gear Gatcha mode and the Deluxe Cabinet selection (with shaker motor simulated)

The below pic is I believe from the end credits!


Here’s a pretty cool pic that keeps turning up. Is the car stuck?


What would you play? The arcade or 3DS version.


The Yu Suzuki Easter Egg is present


As well as Ferrari licensing not going ahead some other changes have occurred due to SEGA playing it safe to copyright infringement.

Above – M2 have put there stamp on a previous billboard that promoted KTM motorbikes

Above – As well as the players car being changed the AI cars have also. OutRun had pretty close replicas of Porsche 911 , Voltswagon Beetle and a BMW. Each car has been tweeked

Above – This pic sourced from Twitter shows the variation from the Arcade car to the Yu Suzuki DreamWorks version to the 3D OutRun game. Each has some level of change.

3D OutRun confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS

OutRun fans rejoice , M2 will be releasing Yu Suzuki’s classic OutRun as part of the SEGA Classics download range in full 3D.
Little is currently known as yet over at SEGA Japan Game Archives Site but as soon as more info is revealed I’ll be covering it.

Let’s hope that they can keep true to the original car with the Ferrari Testerossa and we get a release date outside of Japan.

Thanks to forever Sonic over at Twitter for highlighting the news


Red LAI (Leisure & Allied Industries) OutRun Stand Up (Updated)

A good while back I posted a photo of an OutRun machine that had red sides, at the time I thought someone had painted them but recently I have confirmed that this is a official variation to the Australian market produced by Leisure and Allied Industries, the same company that manufactured the Australian only sitdown cab featured a few weeks back.

I have only come across two machines so far online so there’s not too many photos to be found.
One is owned by a guy called Dexter who did over a 2000km road trip to pick up his dream machine.
Below are a few pics of Dexter’s machine. You can check out the link for his complete journey here >>>>>>>



There are some other differences in this machine too including –
Raised kick plate
Coin mechs
Marquee and side art have the LAI logo

Below are photos of another Red sided OutRun found on Gumtree



Added below some red side panels from a LAI OutRun


It would be great to see someone restore this variation to pristine condition. Let’s hope one turns up in the future.

I will add this machine to the arcade variations page soon.

SEGA OutRun Tie by MAYA


Painted by artist Maya from Madrid,Spain Yu Suzuki would be proud to wear this to collect his next Award.
It’s great how Maya has managed to replicate the game in pixel form.

So you want to get hold of one of these Tie’s?
Check out eBay, but don’t expect to get one cheap. The last one sold for over 300โ‚ฌ!


Check out Maya’s other work on her Facebook Page Maya Pixelskaya

Their is some seriously great art work, the Street Fighter canvas is awesome too!

SEGA Collectors Cards

I came across some SEGA collector cards a fair while back but never realised that OutRun was featured.

The cards are called SEGA Freaks and were released in Japan back around 1996.


The cards featured pictures and facts about SEGA Arcade machines, Consoles, Games and Characters.

Above – Some special cards were reflective .

Below are some photos I found with an OutRun Deluxe card.

I believe there were 3 series of these cards and 120 in total.

Added to the Flyers,Mags,Books & Merchandise Page