Yu Suzuki games in Golden Axe Arcade

Years back I must of completed the arcade version of Golden Axe and I vaguely remember it having a quirky ending, but I didn’t notice all of the classic arcade games it featured.

Here’s the ending video below

How many classic SEGA arcade machines did you spot and what were they?


SEGA Game Cards Auction

Last year I came across an OutRun Arcade Game Card exclusively released for the 24th Amusement Show in Japan back in the 80’s.
SEGA also released a variation of the card to hold arcade credits in Japanese arcades.
SEGA released variations of these cards for other popular arcade titles too.


Someone recently put up for auction a collection of rare cards, the OutRun and Super Hang-on set were pretty special as they were still sealed in the box and unused.


So did I win this set….no ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

How much did they go for you ask?

A cool $250 ! I think I will just have to
look at the photo for a
Little bit longer.

OutRun Machine Gallery(Updated 20/7)

Added a new page ‘1.2 OutRun Machine Gallery’
Over the past few months I’ve collected a lot of photos of OutRun machines from various sources. I have created a page that will be continually updated with photo’s of OutRun machines that can be enjoyed as a nostalgic trip to the 80’s or used as a reference for restoration. You may spot some other familiar machines too.
[Below- A sample from the gallery]
Go to the blog ‘Pages section‘ to check it out.





OutRun Gallery Page