OutRun Telephone Card (Japan)

Previously we found two OutRun themed arcade cards, today I spotted for the first time an OutRun themed Telephone Card released in the 80’s by tele communication group NTT.
The item has appeared on a Japanese auction site, it will be interesting to see the closing bid value.

Item has been added to the merchandise page.

6. ๐Ÿš— Mini Models ,Toys and Merchandise( Update 23/03/13)


Above – A vintage OutRun enamel pin badge and a photo of a great SEGA collection.
I believe these pins date back to the time when the SEGA master system was the cutting edge console.
They most probably were available from the SEGA master system fan club in France.
If you want this badge it’s currently on eBay at around $25Aus dollars.

6. ๐Ÿš— Mini Models ,Toys and Merchandise( Update 15/11)

Spotted this on the Japanese Yahoo auction site…a double sided mouse mat featuring the OutRun route map on one side and a colour screen shot on the other. I think this pic has been use on the Japanese flyer before also.
Starting bid is ยฅ1000 / $12 / ยฃ7.
This would look great next to your OutRun puzzle….who said OutRun merchandise was dull???