OutRun Digital Art by Andrew ‘Bones’ Jones

Last week I was lucky enough to get sent a great piece of original digital OutRun art painted by the very talented Andrew Jones. There’s some great detail and Outrun game references in this picture from the Coconut Beach sign, surfers, seagulls, palm trees and of course the Testarossa and blonde babe!
Check it out below
Andrew is a digital illustrator based in Manchester, U.K ( just up the road from where I was born)
Andrew was influenced by several 70’s, 80’s and 90’s artist including one of my favorites Bob Wakelin who did plenty of the covers for Ocean Software’s games.

You can check out or contact Andrew at his site Art By Bones
Thanks to Andrew for sharing this great OutRun art !


OutRun Tattoo [Added to the OutRun Art Page 29/04/2013]

I came across a guy on Tumblr this week who has an impressive Tattoo collection on his arm.
This is the first time I’ve seen anyone with an OutRun tattoo…KERMIT1986 you are a legend!

[Above – the OutRun Ferrari Testarossa Spyder]

Also worth a mention are his Galaga and Donkey Kong tats too!

Source : KERMIT1986 on Tumblr

5. 🚗OutRun Fan Art [Updated 16/09/12]

I’ve never played a Idolm@ster game. I image its a cross between x-factor and siting in front of your console,but I believe there’s a few OutRun tracks in one of the series. This pics is showing the OutRun Testarossa and a mention of ‘Splash’ which may be a reference to Splash Wave.