The Complete History of SEGA Racing Arcade Games

I came across this great presentation of the History / timeline of SEGA Racing Arcade Games the other day.
Unfortunately I can’t remember the source to give credit for the post.
It looks like it was originally made by Liberty Games, an arcade supplier in the U.K.
Check it out below…SEGA have sure created some classic arcade racers in their time.
You may think of a few omissions too…Rad Mobile and Scud Race spring to mind.


OutRun 3 coming as early as Jan 2014

It’s official and its coming as soon first quarter 2014…’OutRun 3′ is in the making and is heading to the arcades as early as first quarter 2014.

Looking at the screenshot released by SEGA it looks like we will have the option for female characters to take the lead and drive.

As usual it’s blue sky’s, palm trees, clear blue water and red Ferrari’s that give the game that SEGA look and feel straight away.

From the release picture OutRun 3 is looking pretty awesome already. I can’t wait to get some more info..let hope it will also make its way to the next gen consoles!


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