OutRun feature in Haynes Driving Manual

Thanks to Outrun fan Andrew Marsh for sharing information and photos of this great Driving game book.

Inside you’ll find an 80’s section including games like Super Sprint, Buggy Boy, Chase H.Q and my favorite pages dedicated to the original OutRun as seen below.





Here’s a description of the book from Amazon

The first definitive guide to driving games, outlining the history of the driving video game, covering all platforms past and present — Arcade, Home Computer (PC, Sinclair Commodore, etc), and Console (Sony PlayStation, Nintendo, X-Box & Sega ). Starting from 1974 with the first arcade driving game ‘Game Trak 10’ to the present day. The book provides and overview of the genre, an illustrated summary of driving games. For those games that are not featured, there will be a list, broken down by format summarizing game title, developer and publisher, and profiles of creators of the key games of the era.

Here’s a link if you fancy picking one up.
Haynes Driving Games Manual Link ($30)