WAVE 2 3D SEGA GAMES rated by The Australian Classification Board


Great news for Aussie OutRun fans, The Australian Classification Board have now rated the remaining 3D SEGA games by M2 including OutRun, Thunderblade and Fantazy Zone 1 & 2.

At this stage there is no release date but it’s a step closer in the process for these games getting an Australian release. As soon as a release date is available I will let everyone know.

Original article  Nintendolife

OutRun & Other SEGA 3D Classics Confirmed for 2015

Today I woke up to a few messages from Damion Littlewood and Instagram buddy Kusanagi765 that while us in Australia were sleeping news had broke the SEGA had announced the second wave of 3D Classics would be released outside of Japan.

Current news is light but so far it’s been mentioned that Afterburner will be the first game released and each month a further game will be released. This is planned for early 2015.

The first wave games appeared almost weekly so we will just have to wait and see.

SEGA Japan to sell retail version of 3D Classics

SEGA Japan have just announced a retail release of some of there 3D SEGA Classic range on the 18/12/14.
Love the artwork for the retail box

This retail version includes OutRun, Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Super Shinobi II, Bare Knuckle and Ecco the Dolphin.

There will also be 2 bonus games including the Master System versions of Space Harrier 3D and OutRun 3D.