OutRun and Space Harrier Arcade Replica’s

My good friend Neil Doherty from my old town in the U.K has just put the final touches to his replica stand up OutRun machine.
A couple of years in the making (on and off) and no detail has been left out.
The cabinet woodwork was built from scratch and several original arcade parts were used to complete this machine.
Running using a P.C, Hyperspin frontend and modified Logitech controls this machine is a one of a kind tribute to the real thing. Neil should know… He’s owned the Deluxe sit down once.
Watch the journey of OutRun coming to life below

And…below the completed machine being play tested by Neil.

Check out Neil’s Facebook page ‘OutRun and Space Harrier Arcade Replicas’ by clicking on his link on this site. You will also see Neil’s current projects of building a Replica Space Harrier and Star Wars Atari arcade.