OutRun & Other SEGA 3D Classics Confirmed for 2015

Today I woke up to a few messages from Damion Littlewood and Instagram buddy Kusanagi765 that while us in Australia were sleeping news had broke the SEGA had announced the second wave of 3D Classics would be released outside of Japan.

Current news is light but so far it’s been mentioned that Afterburner will be the first game released and each month a further game will be released. This is planned for early 2015.

The first wave games appeared almost weekly so we will just have to wait and see.


SEGA Japan to sell retail version of 3D Classics

SEGA Japan have just announced a retail release of some of there 3D SEGA Classic range on the 18/12/14.
Love the artwork for the retail box

This retail version includes OutRun, Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Super Shinobi II, Bare Knuckle and Ecco the Dolphin.

There will also be 2 bonus games including the Master System versions of Space Harrier 3D and OutRun 3D.


Ever SEGA fans dream home!

Joel the owner of Last Gamer video log on YouTube has shared an update on his recently expanded 2nd story home arcade, if in Heaven there’s a SEGA arcade, I’m sure it’s like this place.

Look out for OutRun DLX, Afterburner DLX, Enduro Racer, Super Monaco GP (not sure how he pronounces it!) Virtua Racing and Turbo OutRun. Joel also has a Space Harrier DLX and Hang On somewhere in the garage!
Personally though until he gets rid of that Jar Jar Binks full size statue I won’t be visiting.
Just kidding, what an awesome set up!

SEGA Game Cards Auction

Last year I came across an OutRun Arcade Game Card exclusively released for the 24th Amusement Show in Japan back in the 80’s.
SEGA also released a variation of the card to hold arcade credits in Japanese arcades.
SEGA released variations of these cards for other popular arcade titles too.


Someone recently put up for auction a collection of rare cards, the OutRun and Super Hang-on set were pretty special as they were still sealed in the box and unused.


So did I win this set….no ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

How much did they go for you ask?

A cool $250 ! I think I will just have to
look at the photo for a
Little bit longer.

OutRun86 1st Birthday post : Arcade History

Today’s a cool day for OutRun86 blog….. It’s 1 Year old today!

After 1 year OutRun fans who have their own sites or share OutRun related stuff on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr have helped to keep new photos and articles coming.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far and if you have anything else to share send your stuff via email to taggsta@gmail.com.

To celebrate today I thought a good post would be to share Jamma’s Arcade History pages from their Japanese site…of course it includes OutRun and some other great machine that I have personally loved playing in the arcades from the 70’s and onwards.
Check out the Arcade History photos below.

The 1960’s….a little before my time!


The 1970’s….I own a 70’s tabletop machine and love it to bits. I have fond memories of playing Space Invaders and Monaco GP at the arcades in the late 70’s.


1980’s…. My favorite era …There she is a Deluxe OutRun,Afterburner and Hang-on. Other great machines that used to swallow up my parents coins include the rotating WEC LeMans and Operation Wolf.


1990’s ….. Being a huge SEGA fan Virtua Racing and the R360 were awesome games that gave you a experience like no other at the arcade. The R360 was an amazing thrill ride, it sure drew crowds around it.


For me the 70’s,80’s and 90’s are my favorite memories of the arcade. There’s probably not one reason for this but many.
As a kid it was a special occasion to go to an arcade, usual during your family holiday.
Maybe it was that the arcade back then allowed you to simulate driving a car, motorbike and jet plane..it’s the closed you get to it when your not old enough to have a Licence.
Maybe it was the noise and atmosphere of an arcade that was bustling with people playing and watching.

Nowadays I take my son to the arcade, it doesn’t feel the same anymore for me but I’m close to 40. One things for sure my 5 year old son loves it just like I did when I was kid!
Don’t let the arcade die…every kid should get the chance to enjoy it and have the great memories.

One last look at why I love the 80’s arcade the most!


U.S SEGA Ages Advert [1.4 ๐Ÿš— OutRun Flyers,Mags & Promo Items]

SEGA Ages U.S Magazine Advertisement
The U.S and European release of Yu Suzuki’s classic 3 games came bundled on one disc and missed out on a few extras when compared to the Japanese individual releases of the SEGA Ages range.
Japan also had releases of Power Drift and Galaxy Force II.


1.45 ๐Ÿš—The Real Shenmue Arcades [ Update 20/04/2013]

Not to sure on the details of this event, it may be a Replay Expo where members from the Jamma Plus forums bought along their arcade treasures.

These pics deserve a place in the ‘Real Shenmue You Arcade’ and would make any Yu Suzuki fan want to take a visit.
What a great image of the cream of the crop 80’s SEGA Arcade machines!

Above – Space Harrier, OutRun, Afterburner and Super Hang on!