OutRun DLX Cabinet Art Project

Here’s a video of me creating an OutRun deluxe cabinet.
Starting from the sketch to colouring it in using an App called ProCreate on the iPad.
This was done by only using my finger as the art brush.
I’m hoping to get the final image on a 12″x12″ canvas print.


3D OutRun Launches in Japan

Well Japanese gamers are in for a treat today as 3D OutRun hits the Japanese Nintendo eShop.
Here’s some pics so far (Source Twitter)

The Japanese eShop page – OutRun is here!


The classic Deluxe Arcade Cabinet rotates around the screen as an intro before selecting the game to load.


The Options Screen. Nice OutRun Logo.


In game rolling intro.


Below is a YouTube video showing 3D OutRun in action