OutRun UniDesa machine shared by David Perez,Alicante

OutRun fan David Paturlas Perez from
Alicante, Spain has sent me an email sharing a nice photo of a UniDesa OutRun Sitdown. He’s spent many a time playing this machine locally over the years.


Thanks for sharing David. I will add it to the Gallery page.

If you have any original OutRun related photos please share and I will post them

UNIDESA OutRun Standard Sitdown


Added a new found photo of a Spanish UNIDESA Sitdown machine to the Gallery Page.

From finding a few separate photos of these machines it looks like they had a different steering wheel and larger Green start button compared to JP/US/UK machines.
You can see the same on the picture of me playing a Spanish UNIDESA machine in the 90’s below

A couple of less subtle differences are the SEGA JAPAN and UNIDESA logo’s on the cabinet sides and rear.