Project Diva Magical Sound Shower with Vocals

Hatsune Miku the blue ponytailed Japanese vocalist has a large following in Japan, first appearing on the Sony PSP then a year later hitting the arcade, Project Diva looks like its here to stay and will now get a release outside of Japan for all of the western fans too.

Personally, the only previous interest i’ve had with Project Diva has been checking out hot women dressed as Hatsune Miku at Cosplay events.

But I didn’t know this game also featured tracks by Hiro featured in three of Yu Suzuki’s classic games.

A vocal version of Magical Sound Shower is in there ( Would love to know what she’s meant to be singing)


Afterburner track


Also… PowerDrift


Outrun By Kavinsky

If your a Sega OutRun fan and have a love for the 80’s you might want to check out a guy known as kavinsky.

Kavinsky is a 37 year old French DJ/Music producer who has just released an album called ‘Outrun’

I have a feeling the title of his album is not just a coincidence that it’s the name is the same as my favorite game…I’m sure OutRun (the game) has a special place in Kavinsky’s childhood and memory.

Kavinsky loves everything about OutRun the game and there photos below to prove it.

Yu Suzuki has signed a personal Dreamcast Gameworks vol1 for Kavinsky.

…and Yu Suzuki has been spotted holding a vinyl copy of Kavinsky’s Outrun album!

I have been listening to Kavinsky’s OutRun album on the 1 hour drive to work over the last week and it’s awesome. Great to chill out to whilst driving…it’s progressive and kinda tells a story as the album moves on track to track.



I would like to thank Ivan (one of OutRun86’s followers) who lead me
to Kavinsky and his OutRun album and I would also like to thank Kavinsky himself for the Instagram ‘Like’ of my Lego OutRun Banner!


3.1 🚗🎵OutRun Game Music[Update 25/8]

SEGA Game Music Vol.1 (Vinyl LP)



Track listing:

Out Run
1. Magical Sound Shower
2. Passing Breeze
3. Sprash Wave
4. Last Wave

5. Space Harrier
Wiwi Jumbo~ Battle Field
Lake Side Memory
Winner’s Song

6. Alex Kidd In Miracle Wold
Alex Kidd
Scopaco Cycle

Special thanks to Chris White at OutRun reassembler for the photos

Vote for you favorite OutRun Music

Visitors – Please take a moment to vote on your favorite OutRun music using the poll on the sites Homepage (it’s orange with palm trees).
Just scroll down the home page to find.

My bet is on ‘Magical Sound Shower’being the most popular music selection but who knows??

I’m going to have to listen to the tracks again before putting my vote in….OutRun’s music is hard to choose a favorite.

Thanks for Voting!!