Retro Road OutRun Inspired Android Wallpaper

Retro Road is a in-motion live Wallpaper for Android Devices featuring a retro rendered road like OutRun and other Sega sprite scalers like Super Hang-On

Retro Roads features include ;

– Fast 3D graphics using OpenGL, awesome in HD

– Perspective change as you swipe through your home screens.

– Choose between 9 different themes. More coming soon

– Random mode with smooth transitions.

– Many configuration options are available to adapt Retro Road to your device and needs (speed, toggle elements, FPS limit, …).

Download it from here

Or check out the developers website at

OutRun Mobile 3G

SEGA Japan released several SEGA AGES games to the 3G mobile service including a pretty close arcade conversion of OutRun.
The only real difference is the red Testarossa has been changed for something that resembles a F40\F50.
This kind of change was also seen in OutRun that came with the Yu Suzuki Game Works release for the Japanese Dreamcast.
Maybe this is due the Ferrari licensing issues?
Anyway…check out the pics and video below for a look at what those lucky Japanese gamers get to download.