1.7 🚗Custom OutRun items [Update 05/03/2013]

OutRun Pumps by PimPam Creations

Check out these awesome custom painted OutRun pumps!
Based on the Arcade Marquee/Header sign found illuminated on the stand up OutRun Arcade machine.
Would love to get hold of these 🙂






One of the nicest OutRun customs I’ve seen.
Check out the artists website athttp://www.pimpamcreations.com/
You will also find the artists projects as a work in progress on Instagram

2. 🚗OutRun Flyers,Mags & Promo Items (Update 08/12/2012)

Mean Machines OutRun Megadrive
Below is a snippet from one of me favorite gaming mags of the 80’/90’s Mean Machines. Mean Machines was a fun magazine and always reviewed the Jap import games. Julian Rignal was a great reviewer who I met once and still have his autograph on a Sonic poster.
In fact I was actually in the magazine myself.

20121208-061322.jpg[Above – Japanese Megadrive OutRun]

[Above- Me in issue 20 of Mean Machines…looking an arse]

6. 🚗 Mini Models ,Toys and Merchandise( Update 15/11)

Spotted this on the Japanese Yahoo auction site…a double sided mouse mat featuring the OutRun route map on one side and a colour screen shot on the other. I think this pic has been use on the Japanese flyer before also.
Starting bid is ¥1000 / $12 / £7.
This would look great next to your OutRun puzzle….who said OutRun merchandise was dull???



SEGA OutRun Deluxe model

Last week I came across some new pictures of Organic’s ‘to be released SEGA classic arcade machine models of OutRun Afterburner, Hang-on, Space Harrier and Thunderblade that I covered previously on the Merchandise Page of this Blog.

Below shows the pre-painted models
and…some new pics of OutRun Deluxe. From translating the Japanese text it looks like these models are movable.




Will they ever be released, well I pre-ordered these from the States back in August 2008….it’s looking unlikely 😦

OutRun SEGA AGES 2500 Key Ring


OutRun appeared in Vol.13 of the Japanese only SEGA AGES 2500 series for the Playstation 2. To go with the release of the SEGA AGES games you could also collect the game key chains.
Not sure if you had to send off for them, got them with some of the games, collectors editions, or if they were promotional gifts..maybe someone can confirm ?
Below is a collection of some of the collectible key chains.


SEGA OutRun 1986 Game Card [Update 25/7]

SEGA AM 24th Show Game Card

Below is a picture of a SEGA OutRun game card. Looks like it may of been given out at the show in 1986.
Not sure if it’s a phone card or a entry card but I doubt it was used as a game credit swipe card that modern arcades use these days.
I have a similar Sonic one from London’s Trocadero Arcade back in the early 90’s.
Looks nice though with the OutRun graphic being the same as the one that can be seen on the front of some stand up machines.


Does anyone know more about the card or AM Show??

Thanks to the guys at SEGA AMUSEMENTS on Twitter for giving a update and translation of the card.
See below for the English translation