Red LAI (Leisure & Allied Industries) OutRun Stand Up (Updated)

A good while back I posted a photo of an OutRun machine that had red sides, at the time I thought someone had painted them but recently I have confirmed that this is a official variation to the Australian market produced by Leisure and Allied Industries, the same company that manufactured the Australian only sitdown cab featured a few weeks back.

I have only come across two machines so far online so there’s not too many photos to be found.
One is owned by a guy called Dexter who did over a 2000km road trip to pick up his dream machine.
Below are a few pics of Dexter’s machine. You can check out the link for his complete journey here >>>>>>>



There are some other differences in this machine too including –
Raised kick plate
Coin mechs
Marquee and side art have the LAI logo

Below are photos of another Red sided OutRun found on Gumtree



Added below some red side panels from a LAI OutRun


It would be great to see someone restore this variation to pristine condition. Let’s hope one turns up in the future.

I will add this machine to the arcade variations page soon.

LAI (Leisure Allied Industries) Sitdown OutRun Arcade Machine (Updated 11/09)

This is an interesting OutRun machine and very unlike any other released.

It was manufactured at L.A.I. Perth from a kit supplied by Sega Japan.

This version was only released in Australia.


Above – the complete unit is missing the side art.


Above – the screen bezel follows a similar style to the glass surround on the Japan exclusive sitdown OutRun.

Above – the left panel has the Road map, print detailing of buttons like the std sitdown, red stripe, OutRun logo and a LAI logo (Also seen below)


Above- the rear has working light and quad exhausts like the deluxe.

So there you have it, another style of OutRun machine exclusive to Australia.

Thanks to Bruce Colbourne, M.D of Amusement Machine Distributors (Previously Sales Manager at LAI N.S.W) and also Steve Bryant International Sales Manager at Leisure & Allied Industries for their time and support trying to pull some history on this now rare arcade machine.