Custom OutRun Pixel Art made from Beads

Heres some more bead art from

Below is a Pixel by pixel reproduction of the OutRun Ferrari Testarossa Spider.

Another Yu Suzuki classic with Space Harrier!

And as I’m a big fan of Bubble Bobble look at this great picture frame.
Go check these guys out on Facebook>>>> search for A Beads C Start

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OutRun Pixel Bead Art

Check out this cool looking OutRun bead art recreating a classic OutRun screenshot.
Taking over 2 days to complete and using 13’000 beads its an impressive piece of work.
You can pick one of these up on eBay or etsy for the price of $50.

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Outrun Arcade Model

Ivan, a regular contributor to OutRun 86 Blog has shared some photos of his miniature OutRun arcade machine that he recently bought.

The model is mainly made from modeling wood but also includes a mini LCD screen with several images of OutRun that change over time.

If your interested in getting one of these models you can pick them up on eBay or checkout SubZero’s Models although Sub Zero’s site has recently said that his models are to be discontinued.

Another site that’s doing them can be found here >>>> OutRun Arcade Model

SEGA OutRun Tie by MAYA


Painted by artist Maya from Madrid,Spain Yu Suzuki would be proud to wear this to collect his next Award.
It’s great how Maya has managed to replicate the game in pixel form.

So you want to get hold of one of these Tie’s?
Check out eBay, but don’t expect to get one cheap. The last one sold for over 300โ‚ฌ!


Check out Maya’s other work on her Facebook Page Maya Pixelskaya

Their is some seriously great art work, the Street Fighter canvas is awesome too!

Build process for a LEGO OutRun Deluxe Arcade Machine

Some of you guys have asked for a “How to Build” or “Instruction” for the LEGO OutRun project.

I’ve put together a video on YouTube showing the journey of how it all came together.

Check it out below

If you are creative join me and also submit an entry for SEGABITS Summer of SEGA Competition.


SEGABITS Competition Rules