SEGAbits Season of Colors Art Contest

Long time followers of OutRun 86 Blog may remember the playable LEGO OutRun Deluxe Cabinet I made using LEGO, iPhone 4S and a Blutooth Controller.

I fair while back I entered it into an art Competition run by SEGAbits one of the best SEGA fan websites out there.


I was please to find out on Sunday that I won the competition with my LEGO SEGA creation.

Check out the link below to find out more about the competition>>>

SEGAbits Winner feature

The build video and LEGO OutRun box can now be found in the side bar of this Blog

OutRun Fans! – Please support my son’s Photo Competition

Hi friends and OutRun fans alike, please take a second to support my Son’s SEGA photo competition.

All I ask is for you to ‘LIKE’ his ‘Lets Go Jungle’ photo for a chance of him winning a Sonic 20th Anniversary Statue.

***Henry’s Photo***Entry

Thanks to everyone who supports him! fingers crossed x