Japanese Manual cover for OutRun Mini Arcade Machine

Below is the Japanese manual cover for the OutRun mini cabinet.

The OutRun stage Map can also be seen at the top of the cabinet which is a cool feature that’s not seen on many mini cabinets these days. I’m not sure if this was an optional item or that most have been damaged and removed over the years.


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The Real Shenmue Arcade

If you were like me back when the Japanese Dreamcast was out you picked up the Japanese Shenmue game. I couldn’t read Japanese so you spent a fair amount of time knocking on doors hoping that you’d find the right person to progress the story.

As you travelled down the street you came across a building call “You Arcade“. The doors slid open and you could here familiar arcade noises from games like Space Harrier, Hang On and OutRun.
I personally spent a lot of my Shenmue time in the arcade, it was a Yu Suzuki fans dream.

As fan of all of these games my ultimate dream would be to one day own these machine in a games room just like the You Arcade.

Some wonderful SEGA fans are already turning there dreams into a reality and the results are amazing.

Here’s a one that I’ve come across in recent months …..

This place below was put together by a SEGA fan in Japan who goes by the name on Twitter as @SHlove766 (SpaceHarrierLove)
Over many, many months he’s been restoring Space Harrier and OutRun and building an awesome surrounding to these games and more. Here some photos of his amazing room.



I will post some more next week, in the mean time Follow @SHlove766 on Twitter to see the progress of his arcade.

Click on the link here to see more great examples >> The Real Shenmue Arcade Page

Yu Suzuki games in Golden Axe Arcade

Years back I must of completed the arcade version of Golden Axe and I vaguely remember it having a quirky ending, but I didn’t notice all of the classic arcade games it featured.

Here’s the ending video below

How many classic SEGA arcade machines did you spot and what were they?

What age is too old for playing video games?

I don’t think I’ll ever be to old to play video games, it’s more of a matter of having the time too!
My oldest son seems to play more than me these days.
What made me to think about this? , well I saw the picture below of a couple playing OutRun that put a smile on my face.

I believe the picture is from the famous FunSpot arcade in the U.S.A. I’m not sure if it from the 80’s or more recent but it’s a great picture.

OutRun Marquee Signed by Yu Suzuki

80’s electro music maker Kavinski ( the guy behind the music album OutRun) is a French celebrity who’s a big SEGA OutRun fan.
He’s already got a copy of Yu Suzuki Game Works personally signed by Yu and now he’s got an OutRun marquee signed.

Do you have anything signed by Yu Suzuki or have you ever met the legend behind OutRun?


SEGA 80’s Arcade machine photography by Danny Passarella

Photographer Danny Passarella has mixed his love for 80’s arcade cabinets with his home town Whitley Bay and the results are awesome.

Check out these SEGA arcade machines photographed like you’ve never seen them before.





Early development drawing of SEGA’s OutRun arcade machine

I’ve recently been tinkering with drawing an Outrun Deluxe machine as part of an art project focusing on my younger years of enjoying the big arcade machines of the 80’s. (Below)


I’ve shared my work with Yosuke Okunari , producer at SEGA and project collaborator with M2 (The guys who have been delivering the 3DS 3D SEGA Classics ).
I’m not sure if Okunari-san thought it was a old OutRun SEGA drawing or if he just wanted to share a recent picture that was taken as part of an interview for the release of 3D OutRun.
He’s shared a very , very early OutRun development sketch of the OutRun cabinet. Check it it below!


This image above was drawn much earlier than the images seen in the Yu Suzuki GAMEWORKS book release during the Dreamcast era. (Seen below)


Hope you enjoyed seeing these early concept images of one of the best arcade cabinets ever released.