What age is too old for playing video games?

I don’t think I’ll ever be to old to play video games, it’s more of a matter of having the time too!
My oldest son seems to play more than me these days.
What made me to think about this? , well I saw the picture below of a couple playing OutRun that put a smile on my face.

I believe the picture is from the famous FunSpot arcade in the U.S.A. I’m not sure if it from the 80’s or more recent but it’s a great picture.

OutRun Marquee Signed by Yu Suzuki

80’s electro music maker Kavinski ( the guy behind the music album OutRun) is a French celebrity who’s a big SEGA OutRun fan.
He’s already got a copy of Yu Suzuki Game Works personally signed by Yu and now he’s got an OutRun marquee signed.

Do you have anything signed by Yu Suzuki or have you ever met the legend behind OutRun?


SEGA 80’s Arcade machine photography by Danny Passarella

Photographer Danny Passarella has mixed his love for 80’s arcade cabinets with his home town Whitley Bay and the results are awesome.

Check out these SEGA arcade machines photographed like you’ve never seen them before.





Early development drawing of SEGA’s OutRun arcade machine

I’ve recently been tinkering with drawing an Outrun Deluxe machine as part of an art project focusing on my younger years of enjoying the big arcade machines of the 80’s. (Below)


I’ve shared my work with Yosuke Okunari , producer at SEGA and project collaborator with M2 (The guys who have been delivering the 3DS 3D SEGA Classics ).
I’m not sure if Okunari-san thought it was a old OutRun SEGA drawing or if he just wanted to share a recent picture that was taken as part of an interview for the release of 3D OutRun.
He’s shared a very , very early OutRun development sketch of the OutRun cabinet. Check it it below!


This image above was drawn much earlier than the images seen in the Yu Suzuki GAMEWORKS book release during the Dreamcast era. (Seen below)


Hope you enjoyed seeing these early concept images of one of the best arcade cabinets ever released.

Wanted LAI OutRun Parts

If there’s any Australian arcade collectors out there I’m currently looking for some LAI OutRun cabinet parts for a fellow OutRun fan.

He’s looking for the plastic exhaust section seen below


The plastic wheel and exhaust section


Plastic Seat insert


If anyone can help with the parts or has a lead to get hold of these parts contact me at Taggsta@gmail.com


OutRun Restoration Project by Dave Penfold (UK)

If your looking for an Outrun restoration project here’s the benchmark!
Check out the Facebook page of Dave Penfold and his OutRun Restoration Page

On the page you find Dave’s love for OutRun goes beyond a lot of fans. Not only does he want to restore the machine to mint condition, he wants to go a little beyond the original.

All of the working parts, inner wire harnesses etc have been either cleaned or replaced with NOS or chromed.
This machine looks to be an OutRun fans dream.
Here’s a few of my favorite photos, but check out his Facebook page for the OutRun restoration journey.

Beautiful chrome pedals and foot surrounds and new floor matting.

Steering assembly fully stripped,cleaned and replaced where needed.

The steering wheel has been covered in leather and professional hand stitched.

The cabinet has been sanded down and professionally painted, new decals and treated coin door.

Good luck with the rest of the project Dave, I can’t wait to see the finished OutRun restoration project, awesome work!

Ever SEGA fans dream home!

Joel the owner of Last Gamer video log on YouTube has shared an update on his recently expanded 2nd story home arcade, if in Heaven there’s a SEGA arcade, I’m sure it’s like this place.

Look out for OutRun DLX, Afterburner DLX, Enduro Racer, Super Monaco GP (not sure how he pronounces it!) Virtua Racing and Turbo OutRun. Joel also has a Space Harrier DLX and Hang On somewhere in the garage!
Personally though until he gets rid of that Jar Jar Binks full size statue I won’t be visiting.
Just kidding, what an awesome set up!

Retro Gamer Features OutRun on Cover (Issue 124)


Above is the latest release of Retro Gamer magazine from the U.K.
It features OutRun’s Ferrari Testarossa and has a feature on the evolution of arcade racing games.

Hopefully I will get hold of the magazine and share the contents of the feature. If you can’t wait go buy the magazine now!

OutRun photo round up

Below is a round up of some photos I’ve discovered online that I thought was worth sharing with OutRun fans!
Some of these I found a while back and I am not sure of where I found them.

[Below – would you go to work on a bike or an OutRun machine!]


[Below – A great example of a rare Japanese ‘Cockpit’ style OutRun machine]


[Below – I recall these 2 photos were from the Japanese Arcade Museum]


[Above – A power ranger overlooking that OutRun machine in the background!]

OutRun UniDesa machine shared by David Perez,Alicante

OutRun fan David Paturlas Perez from
Alicante, Spain has sent me an email sharing a nice photo of a UniDesa OutRun Sitdown. He’s spent many a time playing this machine locally over the years.


Thanks for sharing David. I will add it to the Gallery page.

If you have any original OutRun related photos please share and I will post them