3D OutRun -A Look at the MiiVerse Community

If your looking forward to OutRun appearing in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS and you live outside of Japan right now it’s a bit of a bummer.
To get your OutRun fix head over to Nintendo’s Miiverse and you can see some cool OutRun fan art and read the comments of those lucky Japanese gamers who have already downloaded the game.
Here’s a few pics from some of the lucky Outrun owners below.

[OutRun romance]

[Crash Out]

[Credit Roll – Are the OutRun couple going separate ways?]

[Some of the OutRun cars look different with the optional extras like this Green car]

[My effort of a Stylus attempt at Yu Suzuki]

3D OutRun Picture and Video Round Up

Here’s a cool Video of the Gear Gatcha mode and the Deluxe Cabinet selection (with shaker motor simulated)

The below pic is I believe from the end credits!


Here’s a pretty cool pic that keeps turning up. Is the car stuck?


What would you play? The arcade or 3DS version.


The Yu Suzuki Easter Egg is present


As well as Ferrari licensing not going ahead some other changes have occurred due to SEGA playing it safe to copyright infringement.

Above – M2 have put there stamp on a previous billboard that promoted KTM motorbikes

Above – As well as the players car being changed the AI cars have also. OutRun had pretty close replicas of Porsche 911 , Voltswagon Beetle and a BMW. Each car has been tweeked

Above – This pic sourced from Twitter shows the variation from the Arcade car to the Yu Suzuki DreamWorks version to the 3D OutRun game. Each has some level of change.

3D OutRun Tune Up Mode & More

More details are being released on additional modes from completing each Goal.


Car enhanced handling. It is possible to drive without slipping on a sharp curve.

Car with enhanced bumper. It is possible to not crash with contact to traffic.

Car top speed is up. It is possible to run at 350 kilometers per hour or more.

Car with a special tires. Car will still run at speed even if going of the track. This is like using the Gear Gacha cheat, a technique that was used in the 80’s to get quicker times going off road without loosing speed.

If you complete all Goal’s A – E an Arcade mode will appear.
This is meant to replicate the Arcade version…does this mean the Testarossa is a hidden feature… I don’t think so. I believe it’s a 30fps mode as the game runs at 60fps on the 3DS.

Selecting a certain option brings up this ……..


A smoking engine! But what does this mean?

3D OutRun Launches in Japan

Well Japanese gamers are in for a treat today as 3D OutRun hits the Japanese Nintendo eShop.
Here’s some pics so far (Source Twitter)

The Japanese eShop page – OutRun is here!


The classic Deluxe Arcade Cabinet rotates around the screen as an intro before selecting the game to load.


The Options Screen. Nice OutRun Logo.


In game rolling intro.


Below is a YouTube video showing 3D OutRun in action

3D OutRun 3DS Version Details Released


Well OutRun fans, information has now been released regarding M2’s port of OutRun to the Nintendo 3DS.

I’ve been checking out the SEGA archives web page daily for the last 3 weeks waiting for an update and finally today it’s here.

The thought of driving your Ferrari Testarossa down Coconut Beach in 3D has had me pretty excited now for the last Month or so.

Looking at the official page I’m a little disappointed to see the Testarossa gone just like the GameWorks version. If licensing is an issue why change from the Testarossa to another car that looks like a different Ferrari anyway?
If your an OutRun purist I think it’s going to be a disappointment ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

OutRun had a Red car, don’t waste time programming different colour car options, have a hidden feature to include the Testarossa !


Ok….rant over for now, let’s look at some of the other features that M2 are including as this element of these 3D re-releases had been excellent for Super Hang On, Space harrier and Galaxy Force.

It is possible to save the game at any time during play and save one replay to watch over again, it is also possible to appreciate the game in slow replay. There is also a double-speed playback function replay.

You can choose to play the five levels of the original version or more.

If you select the lowest degree of difficulty, there will be no traffic.

It is possible to play both Map versions of the game – OLD Version (Japan Version) and NEW Version (Overseas Version) as seen in previous releases.

You can select four types of screen display options –
4:3 Original Arcade
Full 3DS Screen
Deluxe Cabinet Mode

Deluxe cabinet mode looks the most interesting option as this simulated the moving deluxe cabinet.
There will be 3 bezel surrounds simulating the arcade –
Upright (Stand up version)
Standard (Sit down version)
Deluxe (Sit down version)
There are several nice OutRun cabinets out there like the rare Japanese Cockpit version , it would of been nice for M2 to share this option too.


Music Selection

There will be two additional music tracks included in the 3DS version as well as Magical Sound Shower , Slash Wave , Passing Breeze and Last Wave.
These are –
Cruising Line and Camino a Mi Amor.

I’m yet to hear these additional tracks so I can’t comment on if they fit the original atmosphere of the game. Personally though I hold a huge amount of nostalgia to the original tracks by SST Band.


So there you go OutRun on the 3DS…
Pros –
3D Mode, Widescreen mode, Deluxe cabinet bezel Mode, new music tracks

Cons –
The iconic OutRun Testarossa has gone and been replaced again.

I’m not sure if the optional extras will be enough for OutRun purists to love the M2 3DS version…..only time will tell.

I will definitely be picking the game up as soon as it released outside of Japan, it will be great to see what the 3D Mode brings to the OutRun experience.

Looking at previous release information this may come as late as December outside of Japan, let’s hope for an earlier release date.

3D OutRun confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS

OutRun fans rejoice , M2 will be releasing Yu Suzuki’s classic OutRun as part of the SEGA Classics download range in full 3D.
Little is currently known as yet over at SEGA Japan Game Archives Site but as soon as more info is revealed I’ll be covering it.

Let’s hope that they can keep true to the original car with the Ferrari Testerossa and we get a release date outside of Japan.

Thanks to forever Sonic over at Twitter for highlighting the news


SEGA to release AFTERBURNER II on the 3DS next

News has just been released that SEGA will be continuing theNintendo 3DS retro 3D range into 2014.
First off and announced is Afterburner II.

After Hang-On Space Harrier and Galaxy Force II in 2013 and Afterburner in 2014 surely OutRun is next for release.
It will be either OutRun or Power
Drift for sure.
Come on SEGA bring OutRun into 2014 with 3D!!

OutRun 3D heading to the 3DS

Sega have just announced on their Japanese site that the next installment of their classics Yu Suzuki games has had the 3D 3DS make over, that game is Super Hang-on.


Previously released only a few months back was Space Harrier ( See Below)


Looking at Sega Japan site 2 more games are getting the 3D makeover too (See Below or click on the link)


Any true sega fan will know that there’s a clear history of these games being grouped together with OutRun and Afterburner and both would work well with a 3D 3DS makeover.

You heard it here first guys…OutRun is heading to 3D on the 3DS as a download from the Nintendo eshop….it’s got to be a cert!