SEGA OutRun LAI Restore

Tonight I’ve managed to hit a milestone and complete the restore of the steering  mechanics of my Australian OutRun machine.

On and off its taken 3 months from start to finish, jet washing, cleaning, polishing, researching, ordering parts, more polishing and greasing.

Looking back to what it was originally like is quite an eye opener now, the effort, moskito bites and sweat has paid off.


4 thoughts on “SEGA OutRun LAI Restore

  1. Seriously AWESOME!!!!! I had a pause thinking about outrun until this week when i had aome
    Time to relax and play on 3DS. Anyways, as gou said it is 30 years this year and SEGA should really issue something special this year (apart from 3DS of course). Good luck with the restore, am sure it will be top notch!!!

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