Happy 29th Birthday OutRun

Today was a strange day. 2 weeks ago a friend made me aware of an Australian OutRun machine for sale in Melbourne Victoria. I’ve been looking out for a machine for several years and they are few and far between in Australia. 

Today I finally became the owner of a Leisure and Allied Industries licences SEGA OutRun and it happen to fall on OutRun’s 29th Birthday. How weird!

This is going to probably be a long term project to get the machine how I want it. I will use this Blog to document the challenge and restoration of the machine so it will hopefully help others who want to do a machine in the future. I am excited to study this Australian version and share the differences from an OutRun that came from my original country England.

6 thoughts on “Happy 29th Birthday OutRun

  1. Hi,

    just to congrat you about your blog. Outrun 2 and O2SP is one of my favorite game of all time. (with scud race too and sega rally revo). I love playing outrun 2 on PC. The PC version allows lots of things : 60 fps, 1080p, 4K resolution (tested and approuved). The best is playing with a G27 and 3 screen. The game support it and the experience is awesome !

  2. How is the restoration going? I would like to know what is the feeling after you’ve played the actual real deal game at home? I have a feeling owning an actual out run arcade would mean that i would not know what to want next. Hope it makes sense

    • I missed you post Ivan sorry. Making some progress on the restore, in fact my second lot of parts have arrived today. I’ve set up a resto page if you go to the menu. I will try and do an update at the weekend. I’ve been cleaning a lot of the inner control panel mechanics and found several parts bent, twisted, broken so I’ve had to dig deep and get some new old stock parts from the us. Go check out the page and I’ll update further

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