LEGO SEGA Mini Creations

Today I have come across a great LEGO project that  user SPACEYSMOKE created and has uploaded to the LEGO IDEAS website. 

He has recreated 3 great SEGA games from the past …….


Space Harrier


Not only has he done a great job of these he’s also included a Yu Suzuki Minifig (falls to the floor in disbelief ) pure genius!!!

Having created a working LEGO OutRun Deluxe I know this project has taken a lot of effort to do and to also proffesionally upload it to LEGO Ideas has taken time and dedication. 

Even though this kind of project is very specific to a fan of Yu Suzuki / SEGA arcade games please support this guy and let see how many supporters it can gain. 10000 will get it to view stage.

11 thoughts on “LEGO SEGA Mini Creations

      • Hi, does it exist for European market already? As soon as it comes out I would get it immediately. I might need some advice as I would like to have the bigger 3DS version. Have not played OutRun in a while, moved to another country (partially) and all of the gaming stuff stayed back. Actually my only source of information is your blog, keep it up!

      • Thank you for the news!!! I will then get it somewhere!!! Which one do you recommend, I was thinking getting a black one? Also I really want that Starfox64 game, as well as a game called Ninja Spirit (old arcade). Also, if you know, if I purchase that larger machine from Nintendo (the one that has a really large screen controller, can I play OutRun on that as well, or is it limited to 3DS only?! BIG THANKS FOR YOUR PROMPT REPLY!!!!

      • Just wanted to order it online and was that the charger does not come in a package. Is that normal? I have to get the charger extra? I may go and buy it lunchtime, hopefully the game comes out this Friday. I will also purchase Starfox64. I hope Ninja Spirit will be available for download (it was for the wii). Cheers and thanks again. By the way, I ordered that OutRun art, it arrived, looking for a good frame now :).

      • That’s great that you picked up the OutRun art by Dan Clarke, it’s a thing of beauty(What ltd edition number did you get?) I got one too for promoting it. Mine initialed by Dan not numbered. Very nice glass and Matt effect.
        The 3DS generally doesn’t come with a charger…its a crazy world!

      • Just noticed there is a NEW 3dsXL, is this the one you have? Anyways, thanks a lot for your help, not sure if I get in now or in a couple of weeks, will have no time to play now so am not sure when I get it. Cheers!

      • Ordered, should be in the mail today. Have to get Starfox 64 as well, my cousin is coming over in a couple of weeks and he is a PC player, but he loooooved starfox, he also always thought that it is hillarious how much I like OutRun. I hope it is easy to purchase/download OutRun. I saw it has a 9/10 rating online for the 3DS version. Also got the charger (it may be an old model for the charger). I did not open the OutRun art I ordered, need to order the frame as well. As soon as I open it I will let you know of the number. Keep up the blog, it is great (saw an 80’s Ferrari open top, not the one like in OutRun, but similar enough to think of it as super cool. Thanks for your help.

      • Hello, well I have it, was a bit of a pain to download, as I was too nervous and excited and knew nothing about e-shop and also setting up the internet was not so smooth (again, I was overexcited I guess). I know there are a lot of reviews online (I’ve read most of them), but I will post below my personal experience with the game. Game is amazing, like really amazing. It loads up super fast, silky smooth frame rate and awesome game play. 3D effect is amazing, although, I liked playing the game without it as well. The NEW nintendo 3DSXL has a camera that track the movement of your head, I think it is not that beneficial for the OutRun as one tends to keep still when playing that game, also I played in the dark most of the times and I doubt that sensor sensed anything as it was pitch dark. Two new songs are really good and fit the game. I have a played a few versions and I own a Sega Saturn conversion (Sega Ages) which I thought was impeccable, however, as I do not own a monitor with grid lines any longer, on a plasma/LCD TV the Saturn version did not look that good (would look great on an old fashion TV), I do have SEGA steering wheel for the Saturn which helps the experience a bit. NEW 3DSXL version does not have that visual problem, as the Nintendo screen and the 3D effects look just right, I did not miss the horizontal grid lines as the colors and everything looks just fine, great actually and it is wide screen format. ONE REMARK ONLY – is to the licensing agreement with Ferrari and other brands, thought other cars look quite OK (not the same as in the original), the look alike Ferrari also looks quite OK apart from the horrendous logo. I am sure the developers tried everything, but that thing look like a big bird, a de-badged car would look a lot better I think. I really hope that SEGA does acquire the license at some point and issues the real thing. It is a very small detail, but I would buy it again, also I plan to play it again whenever I have time as I find it relaxing and practical. What I would like now is the Turbo Out Run to come out, I do not know why that version is forgotten so many times, maybe it is the rights of the game (perhaps Sega does not own them or something).

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