Australia 3DS 3D SEGA games delayed

It’s sad news for Aussies hoping to get their hands on SEGA’s 3D games that were coming to the 3DS as I’ve just received news from SEGA through Twitter that Fantasy Zone and other 3D games including OutRun have been delayed with no release dates as yet.

The good news is that at least SEGA have given us in Australia an update as up to now we’ve been scratching our heads as to why Fantasy Zone didn’t appear last month.

Let’s hope OutRun and the other Wave 2 games from this series don’t take to long to come out as the wait is killing me.

2 thoughts on “Australia 3DS 3D SEGA games delayed

  1. It’s ridiculous after waiting for so long for SEGA to suddenly do this. What would be the best way to contact Aus SEGA and let them know it’s not good enough?

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