OutRun Testarossa Illustration Print by Dan Clarke (Available Now!)

Check out this great OutRun inspired high quality print from Design Director Dan Clarke at arkotype.

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Dan is passionate about OutRun as it’s one of his favorite and first racing games he ever played. His focus for this OutRun print was the beautiful Ferrari Testarossa Spider, the main car of OutRun.

This is one rare car in real life and finding photos or references to design an accurate illustration was the real challenge. Dan’s attention to detail makes this print stand out, ย even the Outrun font was created based on the rearย ‘Testarossa’ badge.

The print is beautiful and is available in a limited quantity below

โ€” Limited edition of 60 with only 22 left as of 28/11.
โ€” 18″ x 24″
โ€” 2 Colour Hand Silk Screen Print
โ€” Printed on Fedrigoni Splendorlux ‘Rosso’ 250GSM

If you’re an OutRun or Ferrari fan I am sure you will agree that this would look great on your games room wall.

Go check out Dan’s site now and place an order here > ย http://arkotype.tictail.com/ย  ย (Available Now)


2 thoughts on “OutRun Testarossa Illustration Print by Dan Clarke (Available Now!)

  1. As always, an awesome post, keep it up! Most of us do not find the time to comment, but am sure all of us love your posts. I cliked on the link , did not work, perhaps because it is 25/11/2014, perhaps there is something with my computer. Am also looking into that console from UK that you posted and have a few questions about it when you have the time. All the best and keep the best site on all OutRun related items running!

    • Thanks Ivan. Yes the JXD is an awesome machine. Cannonball ..the enhanced OutRun engine also works extremely well at 60fps!
      Dans art is excellent isnt it. Thanks for mentioning the link being down, i think ive now corrected it. His art should be available from Tomorrow.

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