OutRun and the JXD Gamepad

Over the pass few weeks I’ve been playing around with the Android powered JXD s7800b Gamepad and I can report back that this handheld machine can run OutRun (The arcade version) perfectly.
The JXD was build for games and especially retro games, it has all of the right buttons and controls in the places you would find retro consoles and modern day consoles too.

There are 4 versions of arcade emulation currently on the JXD, 2 versions through an app called Retroarch , Mame4All and Mame4Droid. The Android version of Mame4All when tested was the only version to play the game perfectly.

OutRun is an absolute dream to play with the large screen and great controls.

On top of having the perfect arcade port there are lots of other options if your an OutRun fan too.

Probably the next best version would be a toss up between the Gameboy Advance and PC Engine.
Below is the GBA version from SEGA Arcade Gallery.

It’s a reasonably good port and is emulated perfectly on the JXD with the added bonus of Space Harrier, Super Hang On and Afterburner.

Next up is the PC Engine version running through the App PCE.EMU.

IMG_3381.JPG …or maybe all of the OutRun variations released on the Master System and Megadrive??




The list of machines this thing can run goes back way further than the Master System, if you really wanted to you can also fire up the C64 / Amiga Versions!!

If your a big fan of other sprite scaling racers this machine will also delight. Below are some of the other great Yu Suzuki , SEGA or Sprite Scaler games that I have enjoyed using this machine.

Turbo OutRun (HappyChick Arcade Emu)


Virtua Racing 32X (RetroArch – PicoDrive)


Power Drift (Retroarch Mame 2010)


Super Monaco GP Arcade (Retroarch Mame 2010)


Enduro Racer (Retroarch Mame 2010)



If you fancy playing all of SEGA’s arcade racing back catalogue go pick one up now from Funstock (ยฃ129)

5 thoughts on “OutRun and the JXD Gamepad

  1. Hi there again! How does JDX compare to 3DS experience (mainy OutRun3D)? Is JDX screen bigger than 3DS XL version? Can one activate horizontal gridlines to the screen, they are those lines (at least to me) that make it more 80’s feel as the new LCD tends to be a bit more densed. My question is also with regards to Turbo Out Run, namely what is the frame rate? Can one play Out Runners as well? OK, a lot of questions I know, but solely based on your review I will buy/not buy this machine over 3DS. Thanks a lot for your feedback! Cheers,Ivan

    • Ive not played the 3DS Version as yet, hopefully early next year. The JXD screen is larger and you can put scanlines on it too. Turbo OutRun runs at full speed but there seems to be an issue after around stage 4 where you have to hold left or right for a period of time on long corners. The steering straightens up which is a pain. Outrunners is SLOW right now. This could be the emulator.

      I might be able to give a comparion in the next year. Cannonball is being ported to Android by a guy called Tim Leader. I sent him a message yesterday around improving Chris Whites Time Trial mode. If the time trial becomes playable on Cannonball it will be a great version to own.
      I plan to post a few vids of JXD Cannonball soon!

      • Thanks! What about other games, such as Chase HQ (I believe you posted a photo of that) and Power Drift (frame rate)? My main concern is always the frame rate, I want the games to run smooth (sometimes smoother than the arcade :)). You also mention it emulates Amiga as well, would be cool to play Batman The MOvie on it (that car ride with the Batmobile is one of my favorites). Still the priority are the Outrun games, and I am not that convinced, surprised about the Turbo Out Run having some errors, it should be ok by now, but looks like not.

        I’ve played Outrunners on some PC emulator a while ago and the game ran smooth, framerate wise at least.

        CHeers and thanks!

  2. Hi there. I have a question about Outrun on the JXD. Do you know how to change gears? None of the buttons seem to do it, and I can’t figure out how to make it happen. Please help, before I go crazy, lol. Thanks.

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