3D OutRun Picture and Video Round Up

Here’s a cool Video of the Gear Gatcha mode and the Deluxe Cabinet selection (with shaker motor simulated)

The below pic is I believe from the end credits!


Here’s a pretty cool pic that keeps turning up. Is the car stuck?


What would you play? The arcade or 3DS version.


The Yu Suzuki Easter Egg is present


As well as Ferrari licensing not going ahead some other changes have occurred due to SEGA playing it safe to copyright infringement.

Above – M2 have put there stamp on a previous billboard that promoted KTM motorbikes

Above – As well as the players car being changed the AI cars have also. OutRun had pretty close replicas of Porsche 911 , Voltswagon Beetle and a BMW. Each car has been tweeked

Above – This pic sourced from Twitter shows the variation from the Arcade car to the Yu Suzuki DreamWorks version to the 3D OutRun game. Each has some level of change.


3 thoughts on “3D OutRun Picture and Video Round Up

  1. Hi, I have to silly questions (am sure all of you know the answers) but do not:

    1. Does nintendo 3ds (i would consider purchasing deluxe or bigger version) display an image in 3d? Does one 3D need glasses? Is 3D simulated with special screen (display) or 3D means that it has two screens.
    2. Does this game (OutRun for 3DS) run 60fps, is it smooth?
    3. Off topic, but would there be Starwing (or Starfox not sure) available also on line. I read about it some time ago that conversion to 3DS was pretty good and I played this long time ago on a nintendo.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi Ivan, I picked up a 3D XL, very good screen size.
      The top screen on the 3DS shows the image in 3D to the naked eye, you don’t need glasses, it very cool and really does give depth. The bottom screen is a std screen with no 3D. Usually games use this screen just for information or as a touch screen.

      3D OutRun runs at 60 fps. If you complete all 5 endings there a true arcade mode that you can select at 30fps.
      Starfox 64 is available on the 3DS, I believe it’s a port in 3D of the N64.

      Hope this helps you make a decision.

      • Decision made :). I am getting 3DS XL as soon as OutRun comes out. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do hope Power Drift comes out too (not even to mention OutRunners and Turbo Out Run). Thanks for your feedback

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