3D OutRun Tune Up Mode & More

More details are being released on additional modes from completing each Goal.


Car enhanced handling. It is possible to drive without slipping on a sharp curve.

Car with enhanced bumper. It is possible to not crash with contact to traffic.

Car top speed is up. It is possible to run at 350 kilometers per hour or more.

Car with a special tires. Car will still run at speed even if going of the track. This is like using the Gear Gacha cheat, a technique that was used in the 80’s to get quicker times going off road without loosing speed.

If you complete all Goal’s A – E an Arcade mode will appear.
This is meant to replicate the Arcade version…does this mean the Testarossa is a hidden feature… I don’t think so. I believe it’s a 30fps mode as the game runs at 60fps on the 3DS.

Selecting a certain option brings up this ……..


A smoking engine! But what does this mean?


6 thoughts on “3D OutRun Tune Up Mode & More

  1. Interesting video – thanks for posting this!

    I keep noticing bugs though! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The sprite clipping on Stage 2 is definitely wrong (5m 30 seconds in)… either their widescreen adaptation is flawed (the engine has some hard coded values that need to be adapted when converted to widescreen) or this is some kind of optimization. Check out the way the big rocks ‘snap’ off as the get closer to the camera.

  2. The spoiler is missing from the Porsche traffic sprite (probably a licensing thing?) Although overall the traffic is less altered than some of the previous versions ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Im a huge fan of OUTRUN! like you i have been a lifetime fan.

    Im really looking forward to the 3DS version, I am willing to forgive the missing Testarossa (the new 3ds version of the ferrari seems better looking than the previous replacement shenmue ferrari lookalike to me? maybe ive just resigned to the fact that we will never get our Testarossa back Sad smile) and im quite happy that they have not butchered the porscheโ€™s too much! like they have done before making it look like a regular car, Its not the same without the porches as it was always a good feeling to overtake the lesser supercar in my superior Ferrari Testarossa! but now the 3DS version almost looks like a modern 911 to me? so thumbs up! and all other road traffic looks good to my eyes, i dont really care about the change of billboard, as long as its not the outrun arcade machines or icecream huts im happy!

    Im also looking forward to playing in the virtual cockpit mode with external sound effects! I dont have the room for a full size deluxe Outrun arcade machine so this will be as close as it will get for now…

    oh and lets not forget the Icing on the cake 3D OUTRUN!! that will almost make up for the missing Testarossa ALMOST…

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