3D OutRun 3DS Version Details Released


Well OutRun fans, information has now been released regarding M2’s port of OutRun to the Nintendo 3DS.

I’ve been checking out the SEGA archives web page daily for the last 3 weeks waiting for an update and finally today it’s here.

The thought of driving your Ferrari Testarossa down Coconut Beach in 3D has had me pretty excited now for the last Month or so.

Looking at the official page I’m a little disappointed to see the Testarossa gone just like the GameWorks version. If licensing is an issue why change from the Testarossa to another car that looks like a different Ferrari anyway?
If your an OutRun purist I think it’s going to be a disappointment ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

OutRun had a Red car, don’t waste time programming different colour car options, have a hidden feature to include the Testarossa !


Ok….rant over for now, let’s look at some of the other features that M2 are including as this element of these 3D re-releases had been excellent for Super Hang On, Space harrier and Galaxy Force.

It is possible to save the game at any time during play and save one replay to watch over again, it is also possible to appreciate the game in slow replay. There is also a double-speed playback function replay.

You can choose to play the five levels of the original version or more.

If you select the lowest degree of difficulty, there will be no traffic.

It is possible to play both Map versions of the game – OLD Version (Japan Version) and NEW Version (Overseas Version) as seen in previous releases.

You can select four types of screen display options –
4:3 Original Arcade
Full 3DS Screen
Deluxe Cabinet Mode

Deluxe cabinet mode looks the most interesting option as this simulated the moving deluxe cabinet.
There will be 3 bezel surrounds simulating the arcade –
Upright (Stand up version)
Standard (Sit down version)
Deluxe (Sit down version)
There are several nice OutRun cabinets out there like the rare Japanese Cockpit version , it would of been nice for M2 to share this option too.


Music Selection

There will be two additional music tracks included in the 3DS version as well as Magical Sound Shower , Slash Wave , Passing Breeze and Last Wave.
These are –
Cruising Line and Camino a Mi Amor.

I’m yet to hear these additional tracks so I can’t comment on if they fit the original atmosphere of the game. Personally though I hold a huge amount of nostalgia to the original tracks by SST Band.


So there you go OutRun on the 3DS…
Pros –
3D Mode, Widescreen mode, Deluxe cabinet bezel Mode, new music tracks

Cons –
The iconic OutRun Testarossa has gone and been replaced again.

I’m not sure if the optional extras will be enough for OutRun purists to love the M2 3DS version…..only time will tell.

I will definitely be picking the game up as soon as it released outside of Japan, it will be great to see what the 3D Mode brings to the OutRun experience.

Looking at previous release information this may come as late as December outside of Japan, let’s hope for an earlier release date.


18 thoughts on “3D OutRun 3DS Version Details Released

  1. Well, it will be great to have OutRun in 3D. That will be awesome.

    A little disappointed in the extra features. I thought they might blow CannonBall out of the water in terms of creativity, but there’s nothing particularly exciting. I can’t say I thought CannonBall was missing a MPH option (nor was it ever requested by anyone). Recording the best times for each stage is a nice touch though.

    I was expecting the graphical changes though. It probably will go beyond the Ferrari – the BMW and other licensed vehicles may well get the chop. Some advertising and scenery may also be changed.

    One error I’ve already clocked – the shadows are too dark.

    I will give it a full run-through and analysis once it’s out.

    • Yes your right Chris, it will be nice to try out 3D Mode. OutRun with depth should be good to see.
      Agree with you about the traffic, that Beetle will probably go too and billboard cheeky advertising.
      I imagine it will be out around Christmas outside of Japan, earlier if they speed up the process from the first wave that were converted.

  2. Yes it’s hard to fathom why it takes almost a year to ship these titles to the rest of the world, when the amount of translation is minimal and they are distributed digitally. But I shall wait patiently rather than sounding like a crazy forum fanboy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I can tell from the screenshots that they’re not using CannonBall in any way. Pretty sure they’ve gone down a straight emulation route, which is why they’ve been limited in what they can do.

    Be sure to check the recent videos on my blog if you haven’t lately…

    • Wow…how cool is it that Canonball can now have the addition of motion control with a DLX cab.
      I don’t have an OutRun cab and now I’m in Aus there’s much less chance of getting one compared to the UK so this board would be a good way to make a replica too wouldn’t it?

    • I’ve noticed that the car is the same style as the Dreamcast Gameworks and Shenmue version but the car badge has been revised on the 3DS.
      I’ve had a look at your latest vids….it’s really awesome work there with the motion controls. You’ve come a long way mate with your project, it’s amazing what’s been achieved

  3. Great news (pitty about testarossa, but it prob did not makes sense with the license being too expensive). Anyways, how to get this in EUROPE, what do people normally do (buy Jap version of 3DS and the game). Will this come to Europe for sure? Need to get this! Thanks a lot and all the best for upcoming holidays!

    • Happy Easter to you to Ivan. I’ve an Australian 3DS so I’ll wait for a hopeful Aus release for now.
      I’ve read up that you can buy a JP 3DS and a prepaid JP eShop card to download JP games from other countries. Play Asia sell both.
      Have a read up on it, would be interested to know how it goes if you get one.

  4. Here another Out Run fan from Europe.

    Bummed to see the Testarossa been replaced by the same car that has been in the Dreamcast version in Shenmue, where i think all the other changed sprites will also make a appearance in the 3DS version. Still, i so badly want this. Just to relive the past, i bought me a new battery for my Sega Saturn, so the high score on Out Run will be saved, and started playing for a hour ๐Ÿ˜€

    So far, i haven’t seen a official announcement from Sega and/or Nintendo that Afterburner and Out Run will come to Europe shop as well. I want to see all Sega’s sprite scaling games on the handheld. Would be a blast reliving the past in a time when arcade gaming still was big!

    • Hi, thanks for the message, you look like your a big fan if SEGA Sprite scalers too.
      Still no announcement yet, this may take a while as I think there will be more 2nd phase games released in Japan first. I’m kinda hoping for Power Drift and Enduro Racer.
      Looking a the time it took to release these outside of JP it maybe a Christmas release.

      • Two excellent choices. Power Drift is also on the Sega Saturn, and the only noticeable difference i can see is the frame rate is a little bit lower than the arcade version. Other than that, it’s perfect! Enduro Racer never had a proper home conversion, so Sega, it’s about time you also provide us with the games that never had a proper home version.

        How about:

        Hang On (the first version, as there are enough proper Super Hang On conversions out there)
        Thunderblade (Never had a proper release, and i loved the two different gaming perspectives)
        Turbo Out Run (I missed the forks in the road, but i loved the extra speed, and the competitor in the white Porche)
        OutRunners (More different stages, more music, bigger sprites, what more can i ask from a Out Run game!)

        And of course the Enduro racer game, as this never done pride. I have it on the Commodore 64, but honestly, except for the music (I love the sound of the sid chip), the rest of the game was rather avarge.

      • I think u will be in luck with Thunderblade. I think there’s someone at M2/SEGA that’s a big fan.
        I have a feeling there’s going to be some more 3D Megadrive releases. 3D OutRun has a Bonanza Bros poster in the game. Not so fused about the MD stuff, I want Sprite Scalers!
        I would all of the games you’ve mentioned

      • I don’t mind Megadrive/Genesis games emulated on the 3DS, but i’d prefer the games that where big in the arcades, but never where done justice at home computers/consoles. Most Sega sprite scaler games where ported poorly because none of the computers and console hardware had proper sprite scaling possibillities. And as i am prepared to pay for it instead of downloading arcade emulators, it would be nice if sega provided us true fans those games. Should be really easy to port now, as all hardware is now over specced ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Same here mate. The Saturn versions on the JP machine had some good sprite scalers including Powerdrift that we’ve never really seen a good version of before. Would be great to see more if them on a portable

  5. I think you know this by now, but OutRun is comming to europe/USA! I expect it to be released in march, if they follow the order of the list that got released a few months ago! I allready bought me Afterburner II, even if i have a good version on the Saturn allready, it’s nice to play those great arcade sprite scalers everywhere! I’m even getting the NEW 3DS just to enjoy the 3D effect even more! (i must be nuts, but love the idea of not having to nail down the handheld so you don’t get double lines and loose the effect if you move to much)

    Also Thunderblade is comming in the same batch of 3DS games they release now, but it will be the last if they follow that list like i said before. Good to finaly have a good version at home!

    Sad news: Sega fires 300 people, and focussing only on handheld/phone games. So my dream having all those great sprite scalers on my Playstation 4 or Xbox One playing on a 55 inch screen just flew out of the window……

    • Yes, I picked up Afterburner II within a few hours of it hitting the eShop ๐Ÿ™‚ . I think One of the FantasyZone games will be out in Feb and like you say…OutRun for March (Fingers crossed!)
      Sad news about SEGA West. I had a few messages with Okunari regarding the potential of Wave 3 3D 3DS games, I shared photos of Enduro Racer, Power Drift and Rad Mobile! His reply was basically that he would love to do those games but it will rely on global sales of wave 2 3D games.
      With the latest SEGA West news it might mean that even if Okunari produces more 3D classics we might not see them here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      I was thinking of upgrading my 3DS for the same reason too … Not done it yet though.

      I have 3D Super Hang On on the xBox360 which is pretty cool on the 3D 55″ Samsung

      • If i had more gamers subscribed to my YouTube channel, i’d be making a video asking every gamer to dive onto all those new 3D games Sega releases, so we get Rad Mobile, Enduro Racer, and Power Drift! Especially Power Drift would be awesome in 3D, with that camera that spins down to your car at the starting line that would be awesome!

        I have the Super Hang On game on PS3 and Xbox 360 connected to the 55 inch 3D LED LG TV ๐Ÿ™‚ That Samsung model was just a bit above my budget ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That console is not available here in the Netherlands, but maybe on import, i will google this later, but mostly importing stuff like this costs a arm and a leg ๐Ÿ˜€

        Thanks for subscribing to my channel!

        Have a nice day.

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