The SEGA MEGA-TECH was an arcade machine that competed against the NINTENDO PLAYCHOICE 10.
The machine basically ran multiple cartridges of games that were available on home SEGA and NINTENDO consoles.

I remember playing the MEGA-TECH but personally didn’t see a major appeal, if you had them at home why pay to play the same version in the arcade?
The other down side was that it didn’t matter if you was good at a game or not, when you put you coin in your on a timer, and when the time hits zero you need to feed the machine another coin. The timer was usually set at 2 minutes !!

[Below- A double page flyer showing of some future MEGADRIVE and MASTER SYSTEM games that will receive the MEGA-TECH treatment (including OutRun). Not the best flyer artwork!


The MEGA-TECH cartridges have the same cartridge design as the commercial Japanese MEGADRIVE but these ones plugged into a PCB. Home cartridges were not compatible so this stopped arcade owners using the cheaper option and buying a MEGADRIVE cart.
(See below)


Below – Cartridges came packaged as below


Below- The OutRun MEGA-TECH Cartridge


So…would you really play the MEGADRIVE version in the arcade or would you go straight for the Arcade version?


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